VITM Hanoi 2017 – Opportunity to introduce Ca Mau Tourism to 65 thousand visitors

With its unique geographical location, Ca Mau always keeps a special position in the heart of Hanoi people. Therefore, the Hanoi City People’s Committee has given guidelines to build Hanoi flag tower in Ca Mau Cape (Ca Mau) to link the sentiments of Hanoi Capital to the land in the southern pole of Vietnam.

Every year, Ha Noi tourists account for a large proportion of total visitors to Ca Mau and constantly increase. Being identified as the key source market, Ca Mau Province Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has prioritized the enhancement of tourism promotion to take Ca Mau tourism image closer to tourists from Hanoi capital. In 2017, Ca Mau determined that VITM Hanoi 2017 is a strategic opportunity to introduce the image of Ca Mau tourism to a large number of domestic and international tourists, visitors from Hanoi and Northern provinces and cities.


VITM Hanoi 2017 is a prominent annual event of the Vietnam Tourism Industry organized by Vietnam Tourism Association and Hanoi City People’s Committee on April 6-9, 2017 at Friendship Cultural Place located at No. 91 Tran Hung Dao Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi City. The mart is expected to involve 450 booths of tourism promotion agencies and tourism businesses from 30 countries and territories and 45 provinces and cities of Vietnam.

This is a unique opportunity for tourism businesses and local tourism authorities to introduce, promote and reach out to thousands of tourism companies, international and domestic media agencies and tens of thousands of visitors at the mart. VITM Hanoi 2017 will promote all three types of tourism: inbound, outbound and domestic tourism, including Business to Customer activities (B2C); Product introduction and destination promotion; Tourism forum; Training and employment opportunities, etc. Particularly for B2B activities, this year, the Organizing Committee will invite three groups of Buyers from the United States, Japan and Western Europe. Each group consists of the representatives of 15 big travel firms interested in Vietnam market.


VITM 2017 promises to bring exciting experiences, thousands of tours, air tickets at a good price to visitors, especially creates a favorable environment for domestic and international tourism businesses to increase exchanges and learn and cooperate to develop the market. It is expected that there will be over 45,000 cheap air tickets and special discount packages will be offered on this occasion. Travel agencies will offer discounts of up to 20-30%. During the mart, many cultural and artistic activities will be performed to serve visitors. In particular, the number of visitors is estimated at over 65,000.


Under the direction of the Director of Ca Mau Province Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Ca Mau Province Tourism Information and Promotion Center organized a series of events of Vietnam International Travel Mart – VITM Hanoi 2017. This is an opportunity to widely introduce the image of Ca Mau tourism; exchange and enhance the cooperation in tourism advertisement and promotion with Hanoi, provinces and cities nationwide and internationally; highlight and tourism strengths in the Mekong Delta. It is also an opportunity for agencies, tourism promotion units and Ca Mau’s tourism businesses to introduce, provide, exchange information, products and services through tourism activities in series of events of VITM Hanoi 2017.



Ca Mau Province Tourism Information and Promotion Center closely coordinates with the units and enterprises operating in the field of tourism and travel services in Ca Mau; gives advice to the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism to well implement the series of events of VITM Hanoi 2017; links the booths and displays typical destinations, unique and outstanding tourism products of Ca Mau at booths; participates in tourism events, seminars organized in the framework of VITM Hanoi 2017; Meets and exchanges information, publications, promotes tourism with the Tourism Promotion Centers in provinces, cities in the country, units and businesses in the field of tourism and travel services at home and abroad.

At VITM Hanoi 2017, Ca Mau Tourism Booths organized a consultancy program, providing information on tours, routes, tourism sites and services of Ca Mau, introducing potentialities, advantages, Ca Mau tourism investment projects to newspapers, radio stations, units, businesses and tourists; prepared a set of publications directly delivered at booths of units and enterprises operating in the field of tourism and travel services.

Displaying contents are lively with many images, symbols and publications for promoting Ca Mau tourism at the exhibition booths: Ca Mau- Vietnam Tourism Guidebook; Ca Mau Cuisine Book; Ca Mau tourism map; folding books, leaflets of Ca Mau tourism destinations; products and information about the business, folding books, leaflets, tour quotations, products, tourism services, typical souvenirs, etc. /.


Article and Photo: Thy Dieu

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