Unique bird sanctuary in the heart of the city

Bird sanctuary in the heart of Ca Mau city is located in President Ho Chi Minh Memorial House in Unit 1, Ward 1, Ca Mau City. Bird sanctuary has an area of ​​4.5 hectares with more than 14,000 birds that make their nests, breed and live here.

Come to the bird sanctuary in the heart of the city, especially at the dawn or sunset, visitors will observe thousands of birds, storks, little cormorant, dendrocygninae, “mong ket”, herons, “cum num”, etc flying down the trees, perched on bamboo banks. They dance and create a “great symphony” until the sunset. This bird sanctuary has existed for years and been always protected strictly and carefully.

tung canh

Photo: Thanh Dung

The bird sanctuary in the heart of Ca Mau city is a special thing rarely seen anywhere. It has become the attractive destination of domestic and international tourists. Despite streets and buildings built around, the bird sanctuary has been preserved, developed, creating a valuable characteristic of the southernmost city of Vietnam.

Nguyen Tuyen

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