U Minh Ha National Park

U Minh Ha National Park has a total area of ​​8,256 hectares, is located in Khanh Lam and Khanh An communes, U Minh district and Tran Hoi, Khanh Binh Tay Bac communes, Tran Van Thoi district. U Minh Ha National Park is a seasonal wetland. The flora here consists of mangrove forests, seasonally flooded grassland and vacant swamps. Standing on the forest observation deck 25m high, visitors are surprised at the immense green leaves, endless forests and feel human become small in front of a large nature.


Photo: Huynh Lam

U Minh Ha National Park also has the task of preserving and reproducing the values of natural landscape, ecology and biodiversity of characteristic wetland ecosystems, melaleuca forests on peat soil; conserving and developing genetic resources of precious plants and animals, cultural, spiritual and historical values, serving the scientific research, tours and ecotourism.

After trans-forest trips, visitors can watch bailing out water or manually spreading nets, fishing, throwing away bail, eating honey, picking wild vegetables, picking lilies, etc; enjoying various special dishes of U Minh melaleuca forests such as roasted snakehead, hot pot with sauce and wild vegetable, braised eel with noni leaves, young bee salad, etc and many other rustic dishes.


Photo: Vo Thanh Quang


Photo: Tran Trong Thang

If you love nature and are fond of exploring and experiencing the ecological environment to enjoy the beauty of the homeland, U Minh Ha National Park – Ca Mau province – is a tourism site tourists could not be missed. Coming to U Minh Ha National Park, visitors have a chance to breathe fresh air, contemplate and live in harmony with nature; watching melaleuca flowers, touching bees’ nests, listening to the bird singing, footsteps of animals, legends from the wind in the U Minh Ha forest.

Nguyen Tuyen

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