Tourism: “Don’t need suits and ties; roll up sleeves and get to work”

( – According to Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam, the important role  and developmental potentials of Vietnam tourism to become a key industry have been fully identified. The only problem now is to implement, transform the conscience into specific actions.

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam emphasizes the importance of training human resource, especially high quality manpower at management positions and administration reforms. Photo: VGP/Quang Hieu

Speaking at the national conference on tourism development in August 9th morning in Hoi An, under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam said that the spirit of “don’t need suits and ties, just roll up sleeves and get to work” must be instilled to all ministries, localities, enterprises and destinations.

The Deputy Prime Minister reviewed the proposals and desires from enterprises and localities in tourism development.

Firstly, the promotion and advertising activities for Vietnamese tourism via international and national tourism events and festivals in many localities have been undermined by many shortcomings.

Regarding this issue, Ha Noi city People’s Committee Chairman, Mr. Nguyen Duc Chung said that the policies for tourism promotion were currently not suitable, with many localities promoting tourism but not yet defining the key markets, and thus did not meet the different needs of international and especially European tourists.

Director of Da Nang City Tourism Department suggested the National Administration of Tourism to survey and define specific market segment for each locality to promote tourism in line with its potentials.

Kim Lien Tourism Company and many other enterprises once again expressed the desire of having a unified, centralized coordination in implementing long-term marketing strategies under the common brand of Vietnam tourism.

General Director of Vietnam Airlines, Mr. Duong Chi Thanh emphasized that it was time to open Vietnam tourism promotion office abroad.

Post-Promotion is the welcoming to tourists starting with visas, from airports and border gates; The enterprises desired that electronic visas would be quickly deployed to save time for tourists with quick and transparency procedures.

Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee Chairman, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Phong proposed to continue extending visa exemption for some key European markets. While managers of Tuan Chau Group wanted that firstly, every single officer, police officer, border guard, each staff at the airports, border gates was always friendly, always smiled to visitors. ”

As per investment resources for tourism, many travel companies proposed Government to have favorable policies from tax, land to prioritize in national budget, ODA so as to build public infrastructure such as highways, airports, cultural infrastructure …

The representative of Lao Cai province identified tourism as a key economic sector, thus all planning and policy activities must be prioritized ahead and piloted before being conducted massively if necessary.

An important aspect to boost the development of tourism is tourist products. Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam said: Enterprises had many related proposals in planning, recognizing, protecting and embellishing heritages; quality management on tourism commodities; ensure the safety, security, environmental sanitation, first in the destinations with many tourists. Although the tourism industry had made many specific instructions to do at every destination from the toilet, trash, to the assurance of food safety and hygiene, the etiquettes… but the implementation was not serious; the monitoring and inspection were not been focused and concerned adequately

“There are three most invisible indicators to measure the degree of social civilization in the world, which are social order and safety, typically traffic order; The second is price at the market, a place with listed price and needless to bargain proves that its business ethics are honored; The third is environmental sanitation, food safety  and hygiene”, Deputy Prime Minister shared and proposed local leaders to concern and supervise intensively and specifically the issue in order to build and manage the civilization and culture environment.

From sharing of Mr. Dinh Van Thu, Quang Nam People’s Committee Chairman on the characteristics  of citizens and community in doing tourism in Hoi An ancient town, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam emphasized that developing tourism is not only the business of the government and businesses but also of the community. To encourage citizens to do tourism is not only for developing the industry but also contributing to build cultural life and urban civilization.

“Although we have identified some key provinces for tourism, to build a civilized lifestyle must be done in all provinces. If the movements of building civilized life, civilized villages, civilized districts, new rural sites … are well implemented, not only tourism but also other aspects of material and spiritual life of citizens are improved”, said Deputy Prime Minister.

The last two proposal groups from enterprises and localities mentioned by Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam were the training of tourism human resource, especially high-quality manpower in management positions and the public administration reforms.

General Director of Saigon Tourist Travel Company Vietnam, Mr. Vu Hung Viet stated the currently heated issues in tourism development in Phu Quoc Island, which led to the fact that a hotel with 1,000 rooms could be built within a year but there were no employees. This fact imposed requirements that the shortage of the orientation in training tourism human resource would greatly affect service quality, without mentioning the fact that Vietnam has no institutions for training senior manager for 3-5 star hotels.

Meanwhile, Deputy General Director of Sungroup corporation, Ms. Do Thi Tuyet Hanh hoped that after the conference there would be a strong turning points in training tourism human resources, which was the resource to maintain the vitality of destinations.

Deputy Prime Minister said the proposals of enterprises and localities were not merely recorded but after the conference, the Prime Minister would lead immediately specific things to overcome difficulties and obstacles and promote tourism development.

“For example, the Prime Minister has assigned electronic visa issues to the Ministry of Public Security to deploy in early 2017 which can be applied initially in key markets”, Deputy Prime Minister notified and desired that after the conference, enterprises and localities, ministries and departments shared the mutual determination and efforts to lift tourism as a really key economic industry.

Content: Đình Nam 


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