Thoi Binh Thon Goodwill Tourism Area

Talking to Thoi Binh, people will immediately remember the historical story about Chac Bang canal or Ms. Sanh’s Southern star apple to Uncle Ho. Talking to Thoi Binh, people will immediately look back on the image of Trem river with red water by the silt deposited from U Minh forest. Trem river of Thoi Binh has gone went into poetry and music and the heart of each visitor to Thoi Binh Thon


In the noisy and crowded urban life, visitors will need much time to rest, release work pressure and be immersed in the nature to feel the beauty of the land in the Southern pole of Vietnam to which nature gave Thoi Binh Thon.

Thoi Binh Thon Goodwill Ecotourism area is one of the places to meet the needs of visiting an old Ca Mau countryside for tourists from all over the country because this place still retains the image of a peaceful Thoi Binh Thon with orchards and fish ponds, bamboo bridges across the river, green vegetable beds on the pond edge – It is a miniature of a peaceful Thoi Binh Thon at Thoi Binh Thon Goodwill Tourism Area.

Thoi Binh Thon Tourism Area is located in Hamlet 4, Thoi Binh Town, Thoi Binh District, Ca Mau Province.

From Ca Mau Airport (or Ca Mau coach Station), follow the inter-district road to U Minh, Tran Van Thoi and Thoi Binh districts, then turn right at the intersection and continue to follow Trans-Asia road about 15km to Thoi Binh Bridge and then turn right and continue to go about 1 kilometer, you will see Thoi Binh Thon Goodwill Tourism Area.

Thoi Binh Thon Goodwill Ecotourism area will be an ideal place to organize parties, birthday parties, meet friends in a cool and quiet space because there are many fruit trees in the garden with life span of tens of years such as: strawberry, coconut, mango and all kinds of vegetables and river fish.

Coming here, visitors will feel the harmony in life in an old countryside and boat to “put fishing tool”, go fishing, take care of vegetable and return to the childhood with the days of climbing tree, picking up guava, dragging spathe when mom went to market.

thoibinhthoncamau (2)

Visitors will have a chance to enjoy the specialties of Thoi Binh countryside such as: Grilled snakehead fish, river eel hotpot, lemongrass steamed medium-sized edible snail, plain rice flan, etc. Especially, river snakehead fish is a famous dish of Thoi Binh and brand of Ca Mau specialty. The way to prepare dishes is completely traditional and ingredients are kinds of food in the countryside.

Visitors will be relaxed along with family and friends on weekends and holidays; may go fishing, put crab-catching tool, enjoy and breathe the fresh air of a quiet countryside, listen to the wind, the grass blended in the whisper of the land and heaven like a forever love song of the countryside.

Thoi Binh Thon Goodwill Tourism Area is a promising stopover for tourists in the days coming to Ca Mau cape!

By: La Mong Linh

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