Thi Tuong Lagoon

Thi Tuong lagoon is a unique natural landscape in the southernmost point of Vietnam. In order to reach Thi Tuong lagoon, visitors can go along the National Highway 1A to Nam Can for approximately 27km (here watching a signage to Xeo Duoc Provincial Party Committee Base), turn right and go straight 12km along a newly built concrete road to this charming nature spot.

Thi Tuong lagoon is located in 3 districts of Cai Nuoc, Tran Van Thoi and Phu Tan and is known as a peaceful, idyllic and rustic nature and human spot of Ca Mau. It is considered the most beautiful lagoon in the Mekong Delta. Thi Tuong lagoon is nestled in the heart of immense water surface and is surrounded by green nipa trees. Thi Tuong has three main lagoons: Dam Trong (inner lagoon), Dam Giua (middle lagoon) and Dam Ngoai (outer lagoon), of which Dam Ngoai is the largest. It shapes like a balloon swelling out. Looking down from above, Thi Tuong lagoon shapes like a guitar, is nearly 2 kilometers wide and 10 kilometers long and has the total water surface of around 700 hectares.

dam thi tuong

Thi Tuong lagoon is attached to a strange legend: in the ancient time, Ms. Tuong was one of the first to explore Ca Mau. She was resilient and brave to drive birds that were assigned to take stones to fill in the sea by Chua Ho away because King Thuy Te refused its betrothal gifts to get married to the Princess. The gaps guarded by Ms. Tuong were still intact and not filled in by stones and the habitat for fish and shrimp. Moved by the merits of Ms. Tuong, people have named the lagoon after Ms.Tuong, i.e Thi Tuong lagoon nowadays.

Coming to Thi Tuong Lagoon, we are lost in a romantic scene. At a far distance, there are large and small stilt house scattered approximately 100m – 200m apart. That gap is the boundary of each household who exploits and raises marine products here. Every house group is a “small village” lying on the vast water surface where there are fish traps, nets, etc. The destination of visitors on the lagoon is not an experience restaurant or a luxury hotel but stilt houses of fishers right on the lagoon. It can be said that at no anywhere else in the Mekong Delta, visitors can feel vast nature, contemplate the beauty of the homeland, enjoy local food specialties and observe poetic and lyrical daily life of local people in Thi Tuong lagoon.

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