The number of visitors to Ca Mau on Lunar New Year Holiday 2018 significantly increased

According to the statistics of Ca Mau Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, on the Lunar New Year Holiday 2018, Ca Mau welcomed over 160 thousands visitors, increased by 50% as compared to the same period in 2017. Total revenue in this Holiday is VND million 177,342, suddenly increased in comparison with the number of VND million 4,135 in the Lunar New Year Holiday 2017.

The most visited destination was Hon Da Bac Tourist Area with 94,300 visitors, followed by Ly Thanh Long with 41,000 visitors and Dat Mui with 10,800 visitors. The relics, Song Trem forestry, U Minh Ha National Park and other community tourist destinations also welcomed numerous  guests.

Thanks to good preparation, the arrangement and service of local destinations were done well during the period in spite of crowded visitors. Before Tet, travel agencies had launched many attractive tours, coupled with promotion campains providing many choices for visitors.

In addition, the preparation of activities and services in the tourist areas during the Lunar New Year were strengthened. Many destinations provided new exciting and lively activities to serve guests. The ticket selling teams, tour guides, guards were trained; security was guaranteed. Well implementing environmental sanitation, food hygiene and safety, preventing fire and explosion and social evils; strengthening the security, announcing the hotline, ensuring absolutely safety for visitors. Price was well listed and service / good were sold at the correct price list.

The number of visitors to Ca Mau on Lunar New Year Holiday 2018 significantly increased

Ca Mau Cape Culture and Tourism Park: Selected destination of many visitors.

It can be seen from the past years, Ca Mau tourism products has been more diverse. Beside traditional tours such as Ca Mau – Ly Thanh Long – Dat Mui tourist area; Ca Mau – U Minh Ha – Hon Da Bac, community tourist areas such as Muoi Ngot, Dat Mui,…there are new tourist sites such as Vuon Co Tu Su (Thoi Binh district), Tan Thanh community tourist commune (Ca Mau City). In addition, Ho Chi Minh Memorial Hall, historic and architecture sites are also the choice of many visitors.

The significant growth of visitors on Lunar New Year Holiday is an encouraging signal in 2018, promising a successful year for Ca Mau tourism./.

Written by Thy Dieu – Photo: Khanh Vy

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