Tan Hung Communal house– A special cultural value of Ca Mau Tourism

From ancient time until now, to Ca Mau people, communal houses are one of special cultural values to send their dreams and aspirations to a peaceful, prosperous and happy life. Being one of the cultural tourist destinations in Ca Mau, Tan Hung communal house is preserving and will preserve the above-mentioned values.

dinh tan hung pic1

The gate showing the majesty and magnitude of the communal house

Located in Xom Lon hamlet, Ly Van Lam commune, Ca Mau city, Tan Hung communal house is an ancient communal house worshipping for Than Hoang Bon Canh (the god of the village). It was built in 1907 and honorably conferred by King Tu Duc in 1952. With its position facing the river, romantic scenery with shady green trees, the house becomes prominent, imposing between nature, sky and water. Reaching the gate, visitors can admire the ancient architectural style: one compartment, two lean-tos, Yin-Yang tile roof with the image of a dragon couple. In front of the communal house is a hanging painting of bricks with in tiger shape; two brick pillars with a lotus flower on top of each. Along the sides are two shrines worshipping for the god of Agriculture and Soil. These features all vividly express the majesty and magnitude of the contribution of the predecessors for the rich and beautiful homeland as today.

dinh tan hung

Inside the sanctum of Tan Hung Communal House

The sanctum worships for Than Hoang Bon Canh, the god guarding and taking care of the peace and security of the village. In addition, there are shelves to display swords, drums, images of dragons, cranes, so visitors can easily relate to picture of our ancestors reclaiming land in history.

Being prominent in the center of the sanctum, the photo of Uncle Ho is put in the most solemn position to remind the fact that Tan Hung communal house used to be an important address of Vietnam South troops and citizens during the war against French.  Tan Hung Communal House is where the Steering Committee of Tan Hung Front (The Front resistance French at that time) consolidated their force, and the Indochinese Communist Party’s flag was first hung in Ca Mau city (in 1930). Every year, Tan Hung Communal house is a popular destination for the youth to  learn about Vietnamese history, culture, traditions of protecting the country that our ancestors passed down. In 1992, Tan Hung Communal house was recognized as a national historical relic by the Ministry of Culture and Information.

dinh tan hung pic2

The root of an old tree in Tan Hung Communal house

For visitors coming to Ca Mau, Tan Hung Communal house is an ideal destination with a spacious ground, many beautiful sceneries such as the majestic memorial house, lotus ponds with fragrant aroma; orchard of fruit trees; fresh vegetable beds, some old shady trees, … Then they can visit, stroll, burn incense, pray, … to spread their hearts with the nature.

Photo and article by: Dương Kim Chuyển

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