“Taking a pocket” the experience of Dat Mui tourism

“Ca Mau heard very far, in the last Viet Nam’s map” one of the lyrics of “Ao Moi Ca Mau” song has urged travellers and tourists to come to the place in which is located at the sounthern tip of Viet Nam – Ca Mau province in order to conquer the last destination of the country – the beloved Viet Nam. If you have an opportunity for travelling to Dat Mui, you should not forget to visit all of the well-known destination community-based eco-tourism. Now, let’s take a pocket Dat Mui tourism’s experience – Dat Mui tourism brochure with the following important points.

Why do we discover community-based eco-tourism?

Nowadays, in the trend of travel development in order to have an experience,  fall in line with culture including eating habits, lifestyles, daily activities or productive labour habits of local community in Dat Mui where is more and more prevalent. Some of young children who usually live in a city will be feel strange and interest once they take a tour for discovering a vast mangrove forest which is covered much of the region – Dat Mui –Ca Mau. In addition to this, Ca Mau cape is the only place you can see the sunrise in the East Sea and sunset in the West Sea. Visiting Dat Mui can help you know and understand that this land have been suffered from bombs during the War, but from now local citizen’s life is still plenty and lively as seem to embellish for a peaceful picture of nature.

Exception for taking the experience from one of the special tourism products in Ca Mau province, the community- based ecotourism also contribute to protect the forestal environment, promote the socio-economic development of the region, create favorable conditions for solving an employment and enhancing citizen’s life. It has a meaningful that each visitor who travels to Dat Mui performance throughout oneself – trip.

By the way you can come?

Although it is about 350km far away from Ho Chi Minh city, with the development of transportation it is, nowadays, not difficult for traveller to come Ca Mau city with many different ways, including by road, by waterway, by airplane. If you travel by plane, you can book a ticket everyday from Sai Gon to Ca Mau and vice versa at anytime you want. If you travel by passenger car, visitor can buy a ticket from the station. Some of passenger cars come directly to Nam Can district, making the route shorter than the others.

If visitor would like to make an experience on the water, let’s come to Dat Mui by canoe. – Photo: V.Tran

After traveling 350km from Ho Chi Minh city to Ca Mau city, visitor continue a journey coming to Dat Mui by many ways and one of the most popular way is canoe which is located at Phan Boi Chau street, Ward 7, in which you will buy a ticket from the early morning with several trips from the central of Ca Mau city to Dat Mui market within 3 hours. In this way, the canoe driver will take you to Dat Mui market, then you are going on catching motobike taxi in order to come to Mui Ca Mau culture – tourism park at the distance of 5km.

Another way is to use car or motobike for traveling to Da Mui in the direction of Highway One heading towards Nam Can district which is about 55km. From here, we have two selections: One of the choice is to rent a canoe to come Mui Ca Mau culture – tourism park by waterway which consists of 8 – 10 people in the canoe and takes about an hour and a quarter. For more interesting once using canoe is that traveller have an opportunity to conquer a large amount of big wave from the sea which make you get an unforgettable experience.

The final way is to take a car which is no more than 16 seats, visitor will pass through a bridge and go ahead to Da Mui which is about 50km coming to Rach Tau bridge. Just going across this bridge and turning left about 2km, you will come to Dat Mui commune. In order to reach to Mui Ca Mau culture – tourism park, you keep on driving a car with the distance of 5km.

Taking an experience with the community-based ecotourism

Once coming to Mui Ca Mau culture – tourism park, please prepare carefully your trips at the community- based ecotourism spots. At Mui Ca Mau National Garden, with the support of the international oragnizations and local government, several local citizens have a chance to development a type of the community- based ecotourism like Mr.Tu Nhuan, Mr.Nam Huong,…

Tourist can make a contact with the landlord and fix an appointment with them, then they will take a canoe to pick up you to come Mui Ca Mau culture – tourism park immediately. These spots are far away from the park just several kilometers and move by canoe on the rive with the relatively convenient through taking picture on the whole trip, enjoying lots of house without doors – showing a particular culture of the locals in the final destination of the country.

Relaxing at the community- based ecotourism in Dat Mui – Photo: Vu Tran

A programmed tour of the community- based ecotourism took a long time, at about from one to two hours which is covered a lot of thing such as going by motorboat to do sightseeing the mangrove ecosystems, finding out the model of raising shrimp in the nature from the locals here, climbing on the deck for observation of a blue mangrove forest, interspersed rivers, canals the distance in the sense of picturesque and romantic. During the tour, visitor will directly consquer many ordeals such as catching crabs, spreading a net, fishing, three-striped crabs, shrimping, ect and be immersed in the daily life of local people here depending on an agreement with landlord who are friendly, generous and especially please one’s customers and ready guide you how to cath fish, crab here.

If want, why don’t you make a trial tour for coming to the last destination of the country? The answer is because we can take part in catch three-striped crabs, oragnize several leisure activities such burning camp-fire, exchanging “Don Ca Tai Tu” (profound traditional music tunes of South Vietnam)…and then, let’s take a sleep according to Dat Mui style which is slept on “house on stilts”, listen to a wild sounds of forest at night, share with your friend and relative the trip’s experience throughout the forest…this is an unforgettable experience in life.

How about the food?

The cuisine in Dat Mui is very plentiful and diverse containing a special manner of the locals from the beach area. Many kinds of fresh-seafood are very delicious with 100% fresh materials and simply processing such as steamed crabs in beer, grilled Sugpo Prawn with salt and chili, grilled Periophthalmodon schlosseri with salt and chili, steamed oyster with ginger leaf, and so on. More specific, you can order the landlord what you want to eat like BBQ (barbecue) with the same as the local eating habits with “Dear Grillings”  including shrimps, crabs, fishes, oysters, …. Or gather together to share a delicious hot pot with seafoods.

Many kinds of grill keened on by visitors – Photo: V.Tran

At the peak season, please ask the landlord to get Sesarma mederi with salt which is one of the famous food in the region and be unforgettable to enjoy a fried Snail in coco for both sweet and nutritions and lots of the others in order you to choose.

Preparing procedures?

For traveling, visitor surely get in hand several basic information about the destination in which they would like to come. Especially Dat Mui, apart from preparing a camera for taking some nice picture of nature, mosquito- repellent for long-term trip, water protection bag which protect your smartphone safety in circumstance of droping into water, hat and suntan cream in the sunny season or rain coat in the rainy season.

More carefully, you can take a flashlight in order to travel around the places at night or another necessary things to play games. In the case of quite place, you are able to take a book inside and read it anytime you have free time and have an experience on the swing of hammock.

Now, let’s ready for a trip to Dat Mui with us, please!./.

Writer: Thy Dieu (from: http://www.baocamau.com.vn/)

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