Steel Wire House Historic Relic

Steel wire house is located in Group 3, Ward 2, Ca Mau city, at the corner of Le Loi – Ly Bon Street, Ward 2, Ca Mau city. On June 02, 2011, the steel wire house was recognized as National Historic relic by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Steel Wire House is the French’s Post Office built around in 1910. In the anti- French colonialist resistance war in the 1930s, the revolutionary soldiers took it as a contact point and since then, the party bases in Ca Mau grew. It was from Steel Wire House, the directives of superiors were sent to branches, party members and directions for struggle released on a timely way and the uprisings were launched and won glorious victories.

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 Photo: Binh Dang

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To serve and meet the demands of the revolutionary movements, from 1930 to 1939, South Vietnam Steering Committee and Hau Giang Special Party Committee selected Steel Wire House as a contact point and assigned Mr. Le Ton Khuyen (Staff of Steel Wire House) to be in charge of the Party’s contacts in Ca Mau. From the office of the colonialists, the revolutionary soldiers turned it into a contact point, helping Ca Mau Party Committee receive important news as well as their superiors’ directions for strengthening revolutionary forces promptly and launching the revolutionary movements in the masses.

Steel wire house has now been restored and embellished to become a destination to visit, study and exchange culture and educate traditions to future generations so that they can have a deeper understanding of Ca Mau people’s struggles in the anti- French resistance war. In recent years, the Steel Wire House opened to visitors on holidays, the anniversaries of Vietnam, Ca Mau, Posts and Telecommunications sector and on the traditional meeting day of southwest provinces and Post officials.

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