Tourism is considered as a special economic sector. In addition to serving the needs of relaxation and recreation of people to collect economic benefits, tourism plays an important role in preserving and promoting the cultural values ​​and identity of the ethnic group, region, territory and locality. In the Mekong Delta, there is a kind of cultural heritage that has been ingeniously incorporated into the unique tourism product to serve tourists all over the country. It is Southern Amateur Music.

At the 8th Intergovernmental Convention on the Protection of the Intangible Cultural Heritage held in Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan on December 2-8, 2013, Southern Amateur Music was recognized as the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the humankind by UNESCO. Taking this opportunity and in order to better meet the expectations of tourists, travel businesses and destination communities in the provinces and cities of the Mekong Delta has attempted to bring Amateur Music to tourists.


In that trend, on September 30th, 2017, the Management Board of Dat Mui – Ca Mau Tourism Area held a introduction ceremony of the Southern Amateur Music Club to tourists to visit and experience at Ca Mau Cape Culture- Tourism Park. The ceremony was attended by the leaders of Ca Mau Province Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Tourism Information and Promotion Center, Province Culture Center and the tourism units and tourists.

The Southern Amateur Music contains all Vietnamese cultural values ​​with its own diverse characteristics. The Amateur Music art is both professional and amateur. These characteristics are expressed boldly through the form of organization and operation, the language of art, cultural space, habits, music-playing fingers, voices, communication, the harmony in the soul with the joys, sadness, love and affection of the participants.


The Southern Amateur Music club of Dat Mui Tourism Area is a useful playground for enthusiasts of this traditional art form to exchange in music and lyrics. It is a special highlight for Dat Mui tourism product. Coming here, visitors are not only immersed in each chanty, “think of the past” tune but also have the opportunity to exchange and show their music talent. The passion for art eliminates the social boundaries; bring the members together in the context of a lyrical and romantic nature to feel the sacred beauty of the southernmost land of the Fatherland.

According to Mr. Tran Minh Trieu, Chairman of the Club, in addition to preserving the intangible cultural heritage of the humankind, it is also a place for talented musicians to serve domestic and international tourists to Dat Mui tourism area.

Photos and Article: Trong Hieu

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