Song Doc Trade – Tourism Fair 2016

Song Doc Town, Tran Van Thoi District, Ca Mau Province, located 50km southward from the center of Ca Mau City, is a coastal town. Playing the role as a center of economic, industry, and general services of the western coastal sub-region, Song Doc is one of 3 motive towns of Ca Mau and a bustling urban area, is named one among harbors with biggest number of boats in the Mekong River Delta, and has many uniquely cultural nuances of coastal areas, with typical festival called Nghinh Ong – also called the “Southern Sea General Military” Procession Festival, is taken place annually on the full moon days of Lunar February.

hoi-cho-song-doc-2Ca Mau tourism booth at Song Doc Trade – Tourism Fair. Photo: Thanh Ven

Nghinh Ong Song Doc Festival (Whale Worshipping Festival at Song Doc) gets well attention from Ca Mau inhabitants and visitors. The main ceremony takes place on Lunar February 15th, with the etiquette of Nghinh Ong at the sea starting at 2 PM. After procession of Ong (Southern Sea General Military) to the temple, the rituals such as “Cung Tien”, “Giang” and “Chanh Te Le” at the temple will continue until midnight. The festival is boisterous with musical performance at night time from 13th to 15 February lunar calendar (20 – 23 March solar calendar), by Huong Tram Troupe; Traditional games such as walking on rope bridge, tug of war, throwing cans with nails, sack jumping, pour water into bottle, blindfolded arresting clay pigs, etc. attracting numerous Ca Mau people and visitors nationwide to watch and participate. This is also an opportunity for tourists to visit and learn the unique folk culture and religion of Song Doc people as well as Vietnamese coastal residents, which has existed nearly 100 years.

Song Doc Trade – Tourism Fair took place from 20th to 25th Mar, 2016 at Song Doc Town, Tran Van Thoi District. This event belongs to the welcoming activities for Nghinh Ong Song Doc Festival – responding to Visit Vietnam Year 2016 – Phu Quoc – Mekong Delta.

Song Doc Trade – Tourism Fair 2016 has over 150 booths with the participation of 70 organizations and enterprises to introduce products in different industries such as tourism, food, foodstuff, livestock, seed, machinery, textiles, electronics, furniture, cosmetics, household goods, etc. This is an opportunity for the local and nationwide enterprises to meet, exchange, do trading, promote brands, introduce services, tourist destinations, typical products of the local, access and seek opportunities to boost trade and tourism promotion and market expansion.


Opening ceremony of Song Doc Trade – Tourism Fair 2016 – Photo: Thanh Ven

Ca Mau Province Tourism Information and Promotion Center participates in the fair’s exhibition in responding to Visit Vietnam Year – Phu Quoc – Mekong Delta 2016 with 2 well-decorated standard booths, presenting typical features of outstanding destination in Ca Mau, the photo of Biosphere Reserve Area, Ca Mau Cape World Ramsar Site, Ca Mau Cape Culture – Tourism Park, Khai Long Beach, Hon Da Bac, Hon Khoai, Hon Chuoi, U Minh Ha forest, ecotourism community based, and local specialties, Besides photos, the booths also display symbol of Ca Mau tourist, RUM.CM– the honey brand which has been honored as an outstanding rural industrial products of Ca Mau province in 2015; assign staffs to directly consult and provide to visitors information and publications on Ca Mau tourism, services, tour, attractive promotions of prestigious and qualified travel companies such as Vietravel, BenThanh Tourist, Minh Hai JSC Travel Service, etc., contributing to the beautiful and lively pictures of Ca Mau tourism, getting attention of many local and nationwide visitors.

Content: Thanh Ven

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