Promoting tourism in Ca Mau through competitions

In recent years, in order to meet the growth of tourism industry as well as to improve the efficiency of promotion activities, Ca Mau has organized many competitions to create the banks of content, images and in other forms to serve promotion and information tasks for Ca Mau tourism.

In addition to encouraging the creation of high quality products, the competitions have significantly contributed to promotion activities, attracting the attention from numerous people inside and outside the province, thereby enhancing citizens’ pride and understandings of the beauty and brand of Ca Mau tourism.

One competition that attracted a great deal of public’s attention nationwide was Ca Mau Tourism Logo and Slogan Design Contest held in 2016, in response to the series of activities celebrating 20th anniversary of re-establishment of Ca Mau province (01/01/1997- 01/01/2017). The contest aimed to build and perfect the brand identity system for Ca Mau tourism, supporting the tourism information and promotion activities. The competition with the media plan attracted a great deal of attention from the public to learn and understand about Ca Mau tourism. The contest has found an impressive logo to position and identify Ca Mau tourism brand, contributing to build and develop the brand of Ca Mau tourism.

logo du lich ca mau

Explaining the idea of Logo Ca Mau tourism (by the author)

The winning logo was inspired from the natural feature “growing land, moving forest” of the province being conveyed via graphic language. The letter C simulates the acute angle in the shape of Dat Mui on map, represented by three consecutive colors aiming to express the characteristic of sea encroachment through the accretion and accumulation of fertile alluvium. It is this feature that brings the feeling of “growing land” as unique anthropomorphism. The letter M is stylized with three sequentially shaped pieces which assemble the endless green forests stretching out from the ground; where the soil blooms, then the trees root right there. “First Avicenna, then mangrove, next cajuput”, the three plant species which are compared to the three People contributing in the reclamation of Ca Mau land. The logo of Ca Mau Tourism is used as an important component in the brand identity, presents frequently and constantly in tourist information publications and the exhibition of Ca Mau Tourism.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the re-establishment of the province 01/01/1997 – 01/01/2017, before Dinh Dau spring 2017, on December 31st, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism held the Culinary contest “Ca Mau Delicacies” 2016. The contest was an opportunity for professional and amateur chefs to interact, compete as well as exchange, learn and improve their skills. The event attracted the attention and participation of 17 competing teams including 34 contestants representing bodies, organizations and individuals doing business in the field of tourist food and beverage in the province.

hoi thi am thuc ca mauThe judges are evaluating the entries.

The contest aimed to motivate and encourage organizations, individuals and enterprises operating in the field of tourism services to improve artistic merit for the delicacies of the province.

In 2017, Ca Mau Province Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism collaborated with the Literature and Arts Association to organize the competition and exhibition “Ca Mau Tourism Photo Contest 2017″. The contest aimed to establish and enriched the bank of photos serving the promotion and advertising of Ca Mau tourism. Through the competition activities and exhibition, the event encouraged and honored the authors of novel unique works reflecting beautiful sceneries of Ca Mau land and people, aiming to introduce, propagate and advertise the culture, people, the landscapes, tourist attractions as well as to promote the image of Ca Mau to tourists worldwide.

The competition received 411 entries from 22 authors inside and outside the province. There were many works of with high quality of art, meeting the contest’s criteria including creativity, originality, and precise reflection of the natural beauty of culture, life and people in the southernmost area of Vietnam through the lens of travel.

anh dep du lich ca mauGrand opening of The 3rd Ca Mau tourism photo exhibition 2017

Organizing Committee selected the top 3 works to give awards and 51 works to exhibit at President Ho Chi Minh Memorial from 31/8 – 6/9/2017 in response to the 72nd anniversary of the National Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (2/9/1945- 2/9/2017). The competition and photo exhibition  attracted much interest and impressed delegates, tourists and citizens inside and outside the province.

The photos selected from the contest are being used effectively in the tasks of introduction, advertisement and promotion of Ca Mau tourism in relevant events, contributing significantly to characterize the provincial attractions.

gian hang du lich ca mauCa Mau Tourism boot in HCMC Tourism Day April 2018

In the coming year 2018, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism in collaboration with the Association of Literature and Arts, the Association of journalists – Ca Mau Province, the Department of Industry and Trade, relevant agencies and units will organize some other contests. “Song competition about Ca Mau” in 2018 will search for new songs about the history, nature, land, tourism destinations, socio-economic achievements and cultural identities, which can be used in promotion programs, events, publications of Ca Mau tourism. The contest aims to create spillover effects, motivating the learning and the love toward Ca Mau tourism; creating an exciting platform for professional and amateur authors to engage and compose songs about Ca Mau; promote the creativity, honor the authors, works with high prizes at the contest.

The writing contest “Ca Mau in my heart” in 2018 aims to evoke the pride toward the beauty of the land and people in Ca Mau for Camauese in general and especially educate the love toward homeland for the young generation in particular. The competition also encourages and honors the outstanding entries which can reflect unique cultural identity of Ca Mau people and land. The contest will contribute to attract and engage citizens into the communication of Ca Mau tourism, thus promoting the love of each individual to their homeland and Ca Mau destination.

The Contest Ca Mau tourism Souvenir and gifts 2018 will search for current tourist souvenir gifts and newly unique and attractive products which can express the characteristics of Ca Mau to meet the shopping demand of domestic and foreign tourists, significantly serving the foreign affairs and cultural exchange activities of departments, branches and organizations. Particularly, the entries from the contest can contribute significantly to introduce the brand of Ca Mau as a safe and friendly and attractive destination. The competition aims to arouse the pride toward Ca Mau – the southernmost tip of the country, preserve and promote the cultural traditions of Ca Mau to the tourists domestically and overseas.

Having attractive prizes spiritually and practically, together with professional organizing and communication activities, Ca Mau tourism contests are expected to generate a great deal of the public‘s attention and widely participated by people in Ca Mau and the whole country. The competitions surely create high quality works that importantly support propaganda and promotion of the province’s tourism. What’s more, these events also possibly create spillover effects, bring anyone living in Ca Mau, and those who have come or will come to Ca Mau many opportunities to learn and improve their understandings of the nature, culture and people of the southernmost tip of the country, and thereby nurture their love and pride towards Ca Mau./.

In the report summarizing the 2017 and plan orientation for 2018, Ca Mau tourism sector determines that promotion and advertising are of the core solutions to thrive. To achieve this, Ca Mau tourism needs to focus on effective implementation of the Tourism Promotion Program by renovating and diversifying the implementation’s form and manner to create effectively breakthrough activities. Promoting tourism through competitions is one of new trends, which is expected to contribute effectively to educate local citizens for better understandings of the beauty of Ca Mau tourism, towards the target: each local is a tourist guide.

Written by Thy Dieu, Photo by: Dai Ngoan

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