Opening a destination for Muoi Ngot community-based ecotourism

On 24th January, 2016, Muoi Ngot community-based ecotourism start operation to welcome tourist and traveler from all over the world. This slot has a total area of 60 hectares located at hamlet 4, Khanh Binh Tay Bac commune, Tran Van Thoi district, fared away from Ca Mau city about 40 kilometers and stayed in the tour-route of Ca Mau city-Lower U Minh National Park – Da Bac Island.

This is an attractive place for getting “honey hunter” and several special products stermming from Bee brand “RUM.CM” which is renowed by receiving the prize of “Special industry and agriculture products in 2016” of the People’s Committee of Ca Mau Province.

2.Thu-hoach-keo-ong (3)Harvesting honey bee at Muoi Ngot tourism destination – Photo: Thanh Dung

Coming to this land, visitors can rent a boat to go along interlacing canals or walk through the forest and experience some special products of U Minh forest, squeezing under the forest canopy in order to explore “honey hunter” and catch in sight with a large amount of nests existing in the forest, enjoying a pure honey in the nature. Apart from the above mention, tourists will have a sense of excitement when taking part in a various activities with farmers of U Minh Ha forest such as: eating honey, fishing plug, catching turtle, snake, putting eel-pots, nets, fish-pot, fishing and so on. In addtion, travelling and discovering wild dishes in U Minh forest such as U Minh Sauce hotpot, dioscorea alate cooked with gold catfish, Stewed Brackish water eal with Noni leaf, fried young bee, bee sauce, young bee salad, grilled snakehead with tamarind and fish sauce, grilled catsfish with ginger fish sauce, dried siamese gourami, cattails,…

2.Thu-hoach-keo-ong (2)

Participating in the attractive activity of harvesting river fishes at Muoi Ngot tourim

Visiting to Muoi Ngot community-based ecotourism area will have a sense of the natural fascination of Lower U Minh forest, slightly sweet smelling of the indigo flower pistils and extremely pure and intense honey with high nutritious quality which is worth staying and taking a memorable experience for visitors to the southern forest land – Ca Mau province.

Writer: Thy Dieu


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