Nghinh Ong Festival

Nghinh Ong festival is one of the most typical ceremonies of Viet Nam, is one of the largest folk festivals organized in Ca Mau and held within three days from 14th to 16th February in Lunar Calendar annually at Song Doc town, Tran Van Thoi district. Nghinh Ong festival is a religious belief of coastal residents to express their gratitude towards the Nam Hai God (Whale), which they believe to be guardian spirits. Whales in particular are believed to help fishing boats caught in storms to reach places of safety. In addition to this, this is an occasion for fishermans to gray for good seas, happiness and prosperity.

Một góc quê hương - Trần Trọng Thắng

Nghinh Ong festival on season – Photo: Tran Trong Thang

As a part of the “National Tourism Year 2016 – Phu Quoc – Mekong Delta”, Nghinh Ong festival attracts a large number of people concern, including both of regional and international tourists. In which the main ceremonies took place on 15th February in Lunar Calendar, beginning at 2:00 pm involed the rites of Nghinh Ong (Ong worshipping). Then, group of boats come back wharf to welcome Ong to the temple. Lastly, the incense offers ceremony for our virtuous ancestors and virtuous posterities including reading funeral oration, honous and offering tea to at night.

The three-day festival take place in Song Doc town, featuring a series of colorful activities of Cai Luong Huong Tram, folk games such as foot bridge on the yard , the pull of natureal forces (tug of war), throwing cans, pouring the water into bottles, bag jumping, blind mans soil-pig,…attracted lots of local citizents and foreigners taking part in. This is also chance for tourists and visitors coming to Ca Mau to do sightseeing and understand special religious beliefs more in-depth which is existent over 100 years ago of Song Doc residents in particular and the coastal citizents in Viet Nam in general.

This year, accompany with several activities of Nghinh Ong festival, Song Doc Fair Trade – Tourism 2016 is held within 6 days from 20th to 25th March, 2016, with over 120 sectors stermming from nearly 70 companies and units in the local and oversea participating in./.

Writer: Thy Dieu

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