New Nuances of Tourism in Ca Mau

Community tourism (homestay) is a popular trend loved by a lot of tourists. Homestay allows a visitor to stay with a local family as a means of participating in daily activities such as: eating, living and working with the members in the household during a not-too- long period at a reasonable cost.

Thereby, visitors can access, get familiar with and learn more about culture, history, life, human or cuisine; fully enjoy the traditional cultural space of the locality and experience life and themselve.

The Creator bestows Ca Mau with various species of fish, shrimp, forests, sea, wetland and mangrove ecosystems and many unique cultural and historical characteristics of Western Vietnam along with friendly, generous, gentle and hospitable people.

These are the big advantages for Ca Mau province’ tourism to create unique tourism products, namely homestay tourism form, which makes “its unique brand name”.


Visitors coming to Ca Mau in the last time often mainly wished to set foot at the sacred southernmost of Vietnam. However, come to Mui Ca Mau, Ca Mau mangrove forests and legendary U Minh forest, etc, tourists are interested in exploring, learning about the land once dubbed “Crocodile in the rivers, tigers in forests” or “Mosquito cried like blowing flute, leeches preface bread soup” and living – eating – staying with indigenous people.

The luxury hotels is no longer the first choice, the food in luxurious restaurant is no longer loved. Instead of that, they are gradually fond of wooden houses, simple leaf houses, rustic dishes and activities as a means of experiencing life in the countryside, etc.

Currently, in Mui Ca Mau National Park and U Minh Ha National Park, some households have been supported in terms of professional affairs by the relevant authorities, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Tourism Promotion and Information Centre. Besides, the survey of homestay tourism models at the spots, tourism propaganda and advertisement and promotion have been conducted.

The homestay tourism models have been into operation and effective; for example, Mr. Nguyen Van Nhuan’s household in Rach Bau Nho, Mr. Pham Van Chieng’s household in Hai Thien, Mr. Nguyen Van Chinh and Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan’s households in Rach Vam and Mr. Tu Phuong’s household in Vo Doi village, etc.

Tourists especially enjoy eating intimate meals with local families; the dishes with flavor of forests and sea in Ca Mau or following local people spreading a net, fishing, catching crab, taking beeswax, putting eel-pots, canoeing, oystering, salting fish, drying fish, cooking, preparing a banquet, listening to unique folk tales, enjoying “Don Ca Tai Tu” of South Vietnam, etc. These are very exciting and unique activities held by Ca Mau.

Joining these activities, visitors will feel exciting aspects close to daily life and unique culture and interesting and truest experiences of life of local people in Mui Ca Mau.

These will be memorable experiences for international visitors, even those living in the city, familiar with modern and busy lifestyle and desiring to looking for a quiet and fresh space to rest, relax and learn, experience the lifestyle and distinctive cultural features.

Development of homestay tourism form not only brings economic profits to all parties but also significantly contributes to introducing, promoting the image of nature, culture and humans in Mui Ca Mau in the most effective and truest way.

However, to develop this tourism form effectively and sustainably, creating “a unique brand” of Ca Mau’s tourism, it í necessary for all branches and levels, tourism business and management units and local people to coordinate with one another closely and comprehensively.

It is required to have specific policies for homestay tourism development, in which employment support to households involved in tourism, planning and organization and construction of homestay tourism villages, tourism infrastructure investment, tourism promotion and human resources training must be taken into account./.

Contents and photo: Nguyen Tuyen


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