National Revolutionary Historic Relic: Tan Hung Communal House

Tan Hung Communal House is located in Xom Lon village, Ly Van Lam commune, Ca Mau city, 4 kilometers from the center of Ca Mau city in the South. The communal house was built in 1907. Passing through many events of the war, the communal house was badly damaged. After 1975, people rebuilt the communal house with 4 columns, 4 roofs, an area of ​​65 m2, bent tiled roofs, 4 stylized carps at 4 corners and 2 dragons on the top. The communal house was honourably conferred the title of Bon Canh tutelary god by King Tu Duc.


Photo: Tue Nguyen

In January, 1930, Ca Mau town Party Communist Party Cell was born and propagandized revolutionary enlightenment in the region. At night of May 01, 1930, the Party’s flag appeared at Tan Hung communal house as the opening signal for the revolutionary movement led by the Communist Party.

Here, Tan Hung Front was established on March 01, 1946 in order to prevent the enemy and take times to build bases. At Tan Hung Communal House, the Steering Committee consolidated the forces and prepared for a long resistance war, whereby the Tan Hung Front was expanded. On May 02, 1946, facing new mission requirements, Military Zone Headquarters decided to disband Tan Hung Front. Despite a short time of existence, Tan Hung Front outstandingly completed the role of preventing the enemy in Ca Mau town to build and strengthen forces in rural areas and contribute to undermining strength and morale of the enemy, creating a new impetus for the anti-French resistance movement in the next stage.

On August 04, 1992, Tan Hung Communal House was recognized as National Historic relic by the Ministry of Culture – Information (now the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism). In 2014, Tan Hung Communal House was upgraded, reconstructed, including many work items: Nghi Mon, Trenches, Smoke house, Tan Hung Front Memorial Stele, Lighting System, etc. In the coming time, the works will be completed with additional ancillary works to become a place of cultural activities and beliefs of people inside and outside the province and contribute to propagating and educating the younger generation the revolutionary traditions of the army and people of Ca Mau province.

Nguyen Tuyen

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