Mui Ca Mau National Park

Mui Ca Mau National Park is located in the administration territory of Dat Mui, Vien An and Dat Moi communes, Ngoc Hien district, Ca Mau province with a total natural area of 41,862 hectares. In particular, the land area is 15,262 hectares and coastal area is 26,600 hectares.

vuon quoc gia u minh ha Photo: Thanh Dung

Mui Ca Mau National Park is the habitat of various rare precious animal species such as long-tailed monkey and ca khu (Trachypithecus cristatus), Chinese stork, white-faced stork (Plegadis chihi), grey-legged pelican, ibis leucocephalus, etc with a quite large quantity. These are the animal spieces listed in the Red Book of Vietnam and the world. At this time, Mui Ca Mau National Park’s flora includes 66 species of plants, divided into two categories: 22 mangrove species which have been discovered and 28 species of other plants. Mangrove fauna have 13 species of mammals, 17 species of reptiles, 8 species of amphibians, 67 species of birds, 14 species of shrimp and 258 species of fish.

Come to Mui Ca Mau National Park, tourists shall have a chance to contemplate mangrove ecosystems and wetlands of Mui Ca Mau with fresh air, pristine landscapes, high values in terms of bio-diversity, etc. This is also an attractive destination for local and international scientific researchers and tourists.


Nguyen Tuyen

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