Mui Ca Mau Culture – Tourism Park

Mui Ca Mau Culture- Tourism Park belongs to Mui village, Dat Mui commune, Ngoc Hien district, Ca Mau province, about 115km from Ca Mau city in the South. This park is an ideal and spiritual destination for tourists’ sightseeing, exploration and conquest journeys in the Southern region.

Come to Mui Ca Mau Culture – Tourism Park, tourists visit the main spots, namely GPS0001National Coordinate Benchmark, Prow miniature- Image of ship went into Vietnamese poetry, observatory, breakwater embankment system, bridge- village- forest and mangrove ecosystems – Biosphere reserve, Mui Ca Mau World Ramsar Site, etc; contemplate fresh and spectacular natural ecosystems of “the 2nd large and diverse mangroves in the world”, specific forms of tourism, “Don Ca Tai Tu” (profound traditional music tunes of South Vietnam), enjoy rustic, delicious and extremely nutritious food which are the forest – sea specialties of Mui Ca Mau. In addition to enjoying the fresh air of the forest and sea, watching sunset and sunrise, enjoying cuisine, tourists can experience activities such as shrimping, spreading a net, fishing, catching crabs, three-striped crabs, etc and be immersed in the daily life of local people here.


The Creator has generously endowed Mui Ca Mau with a miraculous and unique ability which cannot be found anywhere – “able-to- expand land, able-to-walk forest, able-to-grow sea”. Mui Ca Mau is located between two sea currents flowing into the Western sea from the South China Sea to carry sediment of rivers into the ocean and continue to expand the sea every day.

Mui Ca Mau is a harmonious and lively picture of nature, unique potentialities of the forest and the sea, warm and friendly smiles of people in the sea region. Mui Ca Mau always has highly expressive, peaceful and unique beauty, which is, according to Eastern philosophy, the harmonious combination of Heaven – Earth – Humans with the unique identity of a region, a community in the southernmost of Vietnam.


Nguyen Tuyen

- Photo: Thanh Dung

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