Mekong Delta Tourism Association recognizes the typical tourism destinations of Mekong Delta in Ca Mau

On October 05, 2017, the work group of Mekong Delta Tourism Association led by Mr. Le Thanh Phong – Deputy Standing Chairman visited Muoi Ngot Community Ecotourism Area and re-appraised to re-recognize Ca Mau Cape Tourism- Culture Park as the Tourism Area. The members of the survey team were Mr. Ho Ngoc Tan, Deputy Director of Ca Mau Province Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism; Mr. Le Van Dung, Director of Ca Mau Province Tourism Information and Promotion Center.

datmui1The team visited Ca Mau Cape Tourism- Culture Park

Through the field survey and the report, the work group highly appreciated the potentialities of the tourism area as well as the local efforts to exploit, use and promote humanitarian- ecological values in construction and development of tourism products of Ca Mau Province in particular and the Mekong Delta in general. In addition, the group has pointed out some tourism development directions to improve the quality of services, diversify tourism products in Ca Mau Province.

camauThe work group experienced Muoi Ngot tourism product

The registration and selection of the typical tourism destinations of the Mekong Delta is a positive activity that promotes the appearance of local tourism as well as contributes to the tourism development in the region. Promotion creates favorable conditions for selecting typical tourism destinations of the Mekong Delta is an opportunity to promote the image of Ca Mau tourism as well as create a driving force for the tourism business units in the province to strive to improve their service quality and better serve domestic and international tourists.

The Mekong Delta’s typical tourism destinations must have unique tourism resources and outstanding tourism products and services of the region, be capable of attracting and satisfying the visitors’ needs of sightseeing, convalescence, recreation and entertainment. In order to be accredited as the Mekong Delta’s typical tourism destination, the destinations must meet the Juding Board’s criteria for area conditions, number of visitors, services, requirements for fire protection, food safety and sanitation; Qualifications of managers and tourguides, etc. According to the regulations, the time limit for re-evaluation of the Mekong Delta’s typical tourism areas is 3 years from the date of the latest recognition.

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