Khai Long Tourism Area – New Year tourism destination in Ca Mau Cape

Khai Long Tourism area is about 97 kilometers from Ca Mau City and located on the tourism route of Ca Mau City – Khai Long – Dat Mui. It has an area of ​​110 hectares. It was built in 2005 and has recently invested many works and tourist services to serve visitors.

Tet – the most awaiting time of the year is near. Nowadays, travel during the Lunar New Year is the trend of many families. After a long time of working hard and because of less time to relax, so they often take advantage of Tet holiday to travel, relax and have private space for each other.


For those who fall in love with nature and sea, Khai Long tourism area in the Southern pole of Vietnam is an ideal destination. For many visitors, the mild climate and the wild beauty of the forest and the sea is the attraction of Khai Long. In Khai Long, you can see the full view of the wild beauty of Hon Khoai Island. Khai Long is given a very special geographical location. Standing on the coast at dawn, we will see a red round sun rising from the eastern sea and in the afternoon at that position, we see the sun slowly setting down to the sea in the west.

khu du lich khai long ca mau

Spiritual life is an almost indispensable thing for every person. New Year is a chance for many people to go to churches or temples to pray for a happy new year. Come to Khai Long Tourism Area to visit the statue of Goddess of mercy overlooking the East Sea which is sacred and become the center of the land and the sea, you can find a place of peace and serene for yourself.

khu du lich khai long ca mau

khu du lich khai long ca mau

Visiting Khai Long wooden house with popular architecture, traditional tile roof, wooden interior: sofa, bed, water hyacinth bottle, etc. will make you feel excited to visit and learn about it. Wooden houses also attract visitors by displaying many valuable antiques such as coins, old banknotes, deer horns, ceramic wares.

You will have a change to enjoy the fresh and cool air and relax on the lakeside, watching the rotary fan blades from the wind power model and the sparkling water flows from the mermaid statues in the middle of the lake, which makes you feel a romantic and poetic Khai Long Lake. You can also relax in the cool water of the modern Thang Long swimming pool or be immersed in the beauty of the golden sand-banks, stroll under the green tree rows and walk around the tourism site by tram or double bike. Your children can play many games: sliding chute, sliding pipe, horse riding, wire climbing, ball house, steam house, etc at the Children’s game area.

And when you stay at Khai Long, you will feel peace and comfort in luxury hotels and beautiful bungalows. Come to Khai Long, you not only have private and quiet space to rest, admire the poetic beauty of the sea but also enjoy famous specialties such as shrimp, crab, fish, clams, oysters, crabs, wool snails along with gentle and hospitable people there, which will definitely give you a really interesting holiday.

By: Nguyen Tuyen

Photo: Khai Long Tourism Area

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