As a unit of implementing tourism information and promotion activities as well as supporting the development of Ca Mau province’s  tourism market and products, Ca Mau Province Tourism Information and Promotion Center identifies International Travel Expo Ho Chi Minh City (ITE HCMC) in 2016 as an opportunity for provincial tourism industry to access international inbound travel market , so as to improve the quality of local tourism products and meet trends of the industry.

In order to enhance Vietnam tourism’s position in the international arena, there is a need to focus on tourism promotion and product marketing to international tourists and business partners. This is especially necessary for Mekong Delta tourism, which is assessed to own many attractive tourism resources in line with the tastes of international travelers.

Ca Mau has increasingly become a key destination of Mekong Delta region. Over time, together with the country’s efforts to overcome the industry challenges, Ca Mau tourism has achieved remarkable results. In 2015, Ca Mau province welcomed 21,050 international tourist arrivals and 965,500 domestic arrivals, bringing the total number of tourists to Ca Mau up to 986,550 arrivals, reaching VND 300 billion revenue, increasing by 7.57% in volume and 9.01% in value compared to the previous year. However, international market appeals to be a potentially new segment, promising to bring a new breeze for Ca Mau tourism.

ITE 2016Tourists experience the community based ecotourism product in U Minh Ha National Park

International inbound market access and development can be considered as a new direction in line with the  actual conditions of Ca Mau tourism. This is exceptionally essential in 2016 when Ho Chi Minh Road to Dat Mui has technically opened, facilitating an even higher number of international tourists to Ca Mau Cape.

ITE HCMC is a importantly strategic event of Vietnam tourism industry which Ca Mau province has defined as a chance to introduce and promote local tourism products access and develop international inbound market. For many years, therefore, Ca Mau Province Information and Promotion Center has always actively participated in the ITE HCMC.

At ITE HCMC 2016, Ca Mau Tourism joined the the joint booth of the cluster linking tourism development cooperation of the western Mekong Delta (including 6 provinces: An Giang, Bac Lieu, Ca Mau, Can Tho, Hau Giang and Kien Giang ).

This is a positive action of the provincial tourism sector in order to strengthen the cooperation with other Mekong Delta provinces in promoting tourism as well as enable the tour connections and develop regional tourism products. Participating in the cluster booth also allows business partners, domestic and foreign tourists to have more convenient conditions to access tourism products of the provinces and the regions.

bai viet ITE 2016 _ 2

The cluster linking tourism development cooperation of the western Mekong Delta at ITE HCMC 2016

At the booth, there will be staff providing travelers with information and advice on the province’s special tourism products and primary tour itineraries. Visitors can also find give-away publications about Ca Mau tourism in Vietnamese and English such as: travel guide books, tourist maps, brochures and discs of documentary film “Green Cape Discovery”, Ca Mau Cuisine book and typical tour itineraries.

Thanks to the on-site exhibition on local unique images and specialties, Ca Mau Tourism booth promises to be an interesting destination for international travelers to visit and experience. Additionally, it is also ideal stop for travel companies and business partners to meet, exchange and promote tours and activities linkage to create attractive products to meet higher demand of tourists./.
As the southernmost province of Vietnam and 350km from Ho Chi Minh City, Ca Mau province is an interesting destination for international and domestic tourists. The province owns two wetland ecosystems namely mangrove and freshwater represented by Ca Mau Cape and U Minh Ha National Park, which belong to Ca Mau Cape World Biosphere Reserve. Noticeably, the products of eco-tourism and community based eco-tourism have emerged to draw many tourists, especially international ones.

Content: Thy Dieu


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