Hung Kings’ Temple

Hung Kings’ Temple is located on Highway 63, over 20km from Ca Mau city, in Giao Khau village, Tan Phu commune, Binh Thoi district, Ca Mau province. According to the elders in the village, the temple was built over 150 years ago. At first, Hung Kings’ Temple was built of very simple leaves. People here often called it “King Temple”.

According to Mr. Tran Quang Sang (80 years old), who is currently the Chairman of the Steering Committee of Hung King Temple, Hung Kings’ Temple in the natural forest was built by Mr. Hoi Dong Giang who went reclaiming virgin soil and settled here from Ton Kin. Arriving in South Vietnam, far from his home town, he cut melaleuca trees to build Hung Kings’ Temple at Bach Nguy canal. In spite of being a temple, on Hung King’s death anniversary, Hoi Dong Giang held a sumptuous festival. In addition to the rituals, he also invited troupe, lion dancers and landowners to gather at temple yard for cock fighting, gambling throughout the night. After his death, Mr. Sau San, who was a prestigious oldman here, was assigned to take care of the temple. Until the US- Diem Government, land was no longer under management of Hoi Dong Giang but was owned by the Catholic Church. Facing this situation, Mr. Ba Cong (the father of Mr. Tran Quang Sang’s wife) suggested removing Hung Kings’ Temple to his land. After his death, the temple has been took care by Mr. Sang until now.

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By 2006, the Hung Kings’ Temple was built of concrete and reinforcement. The front of the temple faces Highway No. 63. The temple has a large gate and yard, convenient for holding the ceremonies. Every year, on March 10th in the lunar year, the authorities, sectors, organizations, the People’s Front and people gather one another to hold Hung Kings’ death anniversary.

Hung Kings’ Temple is the place for commemorating the original points and ancestor, at the same time, educating young generation to remember the merits of the predecessors. This is a spiritual attraction, very convenient for tourists’ visit and sightseeing. Although the temple is not too big, it is all sincere reverence of people in the southernmost point for Hung Kings. On April 05th, 2011, the Hung Kings’ Temple was recognized as a provincial historical – cultural site by Ca Mau province People’s Committee.

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