Hon Khoai Island National Vestige and Nature

Hon Khoai Island in Rach Goc village, Tan An commune, Ngoc Hien district, Ca Mau province was ranked as National vestige and nature on April 27th, 1990. Hon Khoai Island is about 14.6 km from mainland and located in the Southwest of Ngoc Hien district, including five adjacent islets: Khoai islet, Sao islet, Kho islet, Doi Moi islet, Tuong islet with a total area of ​​561 hectares. Hon Khoai Island has the highest peak at an altitude of 318 meters.

Hon Khoai Island belongs to Nam Can Open Economic Zone and is near the important international marine region in the southernmost area of ​​the South China Sea, having very favorable position to access international tourists by sea. Hon Khoai is a rock island on which the hills and the forest still remain untouched with various kinds of animals and plants.


Photo: Thanh Dung

In the Early last century, a system of lighthouses was built by the French colonialists from Can Gio, Con Dao, Phu Quoc to Hon Khoai to lead ships. In particular, the lighthouse on Hon Khoai Island was built in 1920 on the highest peak of the Island. With 16m high square cubic granite architecture and the lighthouse lighting around the year, this is an important lighthouse to signal ships in and out of Thailand Bay.

Hon Khoai Island is closely associated with Hon Khoai Uprising (December 13th, 1940) with heroic fighting examples of 10 soldiers on Hon Khoai Island, in which teacher Phan Ngoc Hien played a very important role, marking the growth and development of Vietnam’s revolution under the leadership of the Indochinese Communist Party. Ca Mau province chose the date of Hon Khoai Uprising (December 13th) as its traditional date.


Photo: Thanh Dung

Come to Hon Khoai Island to contemplate the unspoiled natural scenery, primeval forests with various kinds of precious animal species and freshwater springs flowing all year round on the Island, etc. With wonderful landscape and climate characteristics, Hon Khoai is an attractive destination for local and international tourists.

Nguyen Tuyen

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