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Beach tourism is becoming more attractive to visitors than ever. The attraction comes from the beauty of nature, simplicity and friendliness of human, etc. And if you are looking for a beautiful original place, different from the daily bustling world, Hon Chuoi island is the choice for you.

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Hon Chuoi Island is located in the western sea of ​​Vietnam (Thailand Gulf) in Song Doc town, Tran Van Thoi district, Ca Mau province, 17 nautical miles from the mainland in the west. It takes only about over 2 hours to Hon Chuoi Island by train from Song Doc town.

Hon Chuoi Island has an area of ​​about 7 km2, most of which are primitive forests, the high peaks is near 170m above sea level. At the highest peak of the island is Hon Chuoi lighthouse, which has the effect of positioning Hon Chuoi island, helping ships operate in the sea determine their direction and position. There are more than 43 households on the island with more than 180 people living, farming and fishing, cultivating fruit, vegetables and doing small-size businesses. Hon Chuoi has two beaches in the West and East where two wharves have been built. Each household has two houses. From April to October of the year, they live on the eastern bank of the island, from October to April of the next year, they live on the western bank. The local people changes their accommodation seasonally. At present, more than 20 households on the island have set up the cooperative for raising cobia in cages for high economic efficiency.

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Hon Chuoi Island is one of the most important islands and one of the five islands in Thanh Nien Island Construction Project (2013-2020 period) approved by the Prime Minister together with Tran Island (Co To Island District, Quang Ninh Province) Tho Chu Island (Phu Quoc Island District, Kien Giang Province), Bach Long Vi Island (Hai Phong City) and Con Co Island (Quang Tri Province).

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In the western sea, Hon Chuoi area has large fishing grounds with many fishing boats. Hon Chuoi is always crowded with boats in and out, anchored to rest, avoid storms and buy seafood products after exploitation. Therefore, Hon Chuoi Island becomes bustling and closer to the mainland.

Hon Chuoi area is not too large and still quite primitive but there are still beautiful scenes, visitors will be fascinated by the blue of the sea, the road shady from the green trees and the cool air of the sea, etc. Although there are no luxury resorts, no luxury restaurants, the simplicity makes Hon Chuoi Island become friendlier in the eyes of visitors. Moreover, the enthusiasm and hospitality of people on the island make visitors to Hon Chuoi feel closer and more comfortable.

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The most interesting thing is just fishing (fish, shrimp) and burning fire and frying them in place at the same time. There are many specialties such as cobia, crayfish, oyster, sea urchin, etc on the island, which may be used to make many extremely wonderful dishes. This tourism area is very suitable for visitors of sightseeing, resort, fishing, etc. Only coming here, we may see how beautiful our sea and island is, how bright red national flag is and can wallow in the life of local people and soldiers in Ca Mau Cape./.


Article and Photo: Nguyen Tuyen

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