Historical – Cultural Relic: Xeo Duoc Provincial Base Area

Xeo Duoc Provincial Base Area Historic – Cultural Base Area is located next to Thi Tuong Lagoon, which is vast and poetic. This site is in Xeo Duoc village, Phu My commune, Phu Tan district, Ca Mau province.

Previously, Xeo Duoc Provincial Base Area was still a wild land, far away from the center of town. At a low water level of Thi Tuong lagoon, this site could not be accessed by large ships and the road was very dangerous and has only forests and wild beasts. Taking advantage of these characteristics, during the anti-American resistance war imperialism, in the 1960- 1975 period, the Regional Committee and the Central Office of South Vietnam selected Xeo Duoc as a base area to lead the revolutionary movement in Ca Mau.

To preserve and promote the value of this historic relic, in 2007 Ca Mau province built the monument and traditional exhibition house – which displayed the pictures and artifacts related to Xeo Duoc Provincial Base Area and the revolutionary movement of the Party, army and people of Ca Mau Province in the anti-American resistance war. This works has been reconstructed on the former base area of over 3.6 hectares, including such items as: Secretary’s Office, Hall, Standing Committee’s Meeting hall, Office, Canteen, Stationary-Typing House, Ma Tham House, Defensive team, etc.

Xeo Duoc Provincial Base Area was recognized as the provincial historic relic on June 11, 2007. Today, Xeo Duoc Provincial Base Area is a red address, playing an important role in educating the forefather’s revolutionary tradition to the younger generation who shall take over the career of the older generation, learn skills and improve morals in order to contribute to building the country. It is also a cultural tourism destination for tourists who come to Ca Mau.

Thy Dieu

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