Fam trip, Press trip delegations survey tourist destinations in Ca Mau Province

Implementing the Trade,Tourism and Investment Promotion Program to be approved in Decision No. 130/ QĐ-UBND dated 24/01/2018 by People’s Committee of Ca Mau Province; On June 29 and 30, 2018, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Ca Mau province organized the delegation Famtrip, Presstrip to survey destinations of tourism of Camau Province. Survey team with representatives of the Mekong Delta Travel Association of Mekong Delta, Vietravel travel companies, Vietnamese Round; Representatives of TV stations including Vietnam Television Center in Can Tho, Camau Television Station; Newspapers such as Tourism Newspaper, Lao Dong Newspaper, Saigon Economic Times, Investment Newspaper, Dat Mui Newspaper and Ca Mau Newspaper.

khảo-sát-điểm-đến-du-lịch-tại-Cà-Mau-anh-1Reporters find out the oyster farming in Dat Mui

Famtrip, presstrip delegations survey the tourist destination of Camau Province to introduce and promote the key tourist destinations of Ca Mau to show the key markets through the media, business travel agencies; At the same time, survey and note assessment and good solutions of difficulties in tourism development of Ca Mau province from experts, tourism enterprises and news agencies through survey activities. This is also a regular event of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Ca Mau province to be tighten the relationship with the media units in coordinating and supplying the information, introduction of resources, Tourism products of the province to domestic and foreign tourists.

The delegation came to survey and work at the main tourist sites of Ca Mau province such as Ca Mau Cape Culture and Tourism Park, spending experience of travel programs and accommodation services at community attractions. Ca Mau Cape National Tourism Park, tourism products in the Khai Long Tourism, surveying ecological site of Tu Su Bird Garden.

The delegations survey the projects to serve for  tourism in  Ca Mau Cape Tourism and Culture Park

At Ca Mau Cape Tourism and Culture Park, the delegation has surveyed the tourism projects such as national coordinates, small bow posts, coastal embankments, forest bridge with traditional water distillation model. Especially, icon of The end of Ho Chi Minh Road which is in the finishing stage. At the tourist sites, the delegation has experienced the fascinating nature of the natural mangrove forest and explores the cultural values of the tourist destination in the South Pole of the country. In addition to experiencing the tourism products, surveying the activities of the destination, the members of the delegation have worked, recorded many photos, information and materials on the destination from different angles together.

 “… Ca Mau where only mosquitoes sound like blown flute, leeches are much like bread soup …”; Reporter Lan Anh-VTV Can Tho (left) has conveyed the message in her reportage.

The click point of the survey referenced are are a comment in the Camau Cape National Park. Experts, travelers and media units who have already enjoyed through the products in the community.  The delegation has participated in the oyster – mud crab tour to learn about the life of oysters and the unique characteristics of oysters on the Rach Vam River in Dau Mui Oyster Village; as well as exploring the wildlife of the mudflats, witnessing the strong movement of forest nature and the sea of Ca Mau Cape land.

 Many members of the delegation commented that Camau Cape is a rare place where is own a special natural resources  

The delegation has visited some community-based ecotourism sites in Dat Mui. Experts, tour operators, reporters have talked with the households, shared the advantages, difficulties and the operation of the community-based ecotourism model in Dat Mui. At the Ba Su tourist site, the delegation had an enjoyable experience about the life of the people here through the activities of square, crab fishing, fishing … together with a night experience in the mangrove forest. Many moments of life of the community is at the end of the sky which have been recorded and will convey to the mass nationwide’s audiences

 Reporter of Ca Mau Broadcasting Station interviewed Mr. Nguyen Van Hon, Chairman of Board of Directors and Director of Dat Mui Oyster Cultivation Cooperative on tourism products.

As part of the survey program, the delegation came to experience the tourist products at Khai Long Tourist Area, the tourist attraction is being exploited in the Ca Mau – Nam Can – Dat Mui tourist route of the province. Next, the delegation surveyed at the Bird Garden in Thoi Binh district. This is a new eco-tourist attraction of the province, potential exploitation on the tourist route Ca Mau – Kien Giang, combined with international destinations in Cambodia and Thailand. With the advantage of natural bird garden which are with more than 30,000 birds formed naturally more than 20 years ago on the area of 4 hectares of the family, Bird Garden has been attracting a large number of local visitors and out of the province, promise to become a unique ecotourism of Ca Mau Province.

 A corner of Tu Su Bird Garden

The delegation came to offer incense and visit at President Ho Chi Minh Memorial. At this stage, the seminar was held to summarize the survey’s journey, to discuss ideas and share experiences from experts, representatives of travel agencies and news agencies around the issues. The importance of Ca Mau tourism. The majority of members evaluated the survey program as a necessary opportunity for agencies and newspapers are as well as tour operators to catch the change of Ca Mau tourism last year, and said that this is a positive signal promising the excellence of Ca Mau tourism which have compared with other localities in the region.

Mr. Phan Dinh Hue, Director of Viet Loi Travel Company commented, besides advantages of attractive tourist resources, Ca Mau is one of three localities (beside Phu Quoc – Kien Giang and Can Tho). The advantage of geographic location is the ability to retain visitors overnight, creating conditions to increase revenue for the industry.

Mr. Phan Dinh Hue, Director of Viet Loi Travel Company (left panel) shared with media units about Ca Mau tourism destination.

At the seminar, delegates discussed and proposed solutions for the difficulties of Ca Mau tourism such as ensuring the diversity of products and facilities at the destination, especially the Household community tourism, protection of environmental and natural resources, tourism security management as well as human resources training in tourism. Mr. Tran Hieu Hung, Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Ca Mau province, has received suggestions from experts, media agencies and tour operators. On this occasion, he is pleased to announce to the experts, business enterprises tourism and media units about Decision No. 744 / QD-TTg of the Prime Minister approved the development of National Tourism Mui Ca Mau, Ca Mau Province to June 18, 2030.

By: Thy Dieu

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