Dong Tam coffee – Relaxing moment – The meaning of the National historical relic – Hong Anh Thu Quan- Ca Mau

If you have a chance to visit Ca Mau city at different times of the day, visitors will enjoy the space and interesting entertainment aspects of a developed urban area in the southern pole of Vietnam. These are the moments of the afternoon when each flock of white stork flew down the bird garden in the heart of the city; the bustling atmosphere of the night market, park, square crowed with people and a quiet morning in the coffee shops with a variety of different decorations.

Ca Mau has many coffee shops but the coffee shop with different colors that brings visitors a new feeling is located at the National historical relic- Hong Anh Thu Quan. Hong Anh Thu Quan located at No. 43, Pham Van Ky Street, Ward 2, Ca Mau City is the place where the Revolutionary Youth Association was founded and the Marxism-Leninism bookstore was opened in January, 1929 in Ca Mau. This place created a revolutionary enlightenment among the masses and was a place to nurture the elites and loyal members of the Ca Mau Communist Party branch in particular and Communist Party of Vietnam in general.

On September 1, 2017, Ca Mau Province Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism exhibited materials and artifacts at the National historical relic- Hong Anh Thu Quan. Through the display, the relic also served coffee on the facility of the former Tam Dong Restaurant (now Tam Dong coffee shop). Coming to the space of the coffee shop, visitors will experience the feeling of returning to the glorious history of Ca Mau during the establishment of the first headquarters of Revolutionary Youth Association in Ca Mau Town.

hong anh thu quan

With the unique space arranged into three different display floors- Ground floor, a space for guests to enjoy coffee. Everything is displayed quite impressively which makes visitors feel nostalgic about the historical period of the 30s and 45s of the 20th century. That is the sound of the tape player which still echoes the song of such period, the image of the typewriter, which reminds people of revolutionists who are always busy with printing leaflets, the bookcase with propaganda books for Marxism-Leninism, the Revolutionary way, the life and revolutionary cause with patriots. In addition, there are many other artifacts such as radio, pottery, antique motorcycles, tea pots, Lai Thieu cotton pots, tea trays, antique cups and plates, oil lamps, old musical instruments, etc. are arranged in line with different space.

hong anh thu quan ca mau

If in the conversation, there are some moment of leisure, visitors may take the time to visit the first and second floor of the relic. The first floor is a model of restoring the context of the patriots who were discussing the policy, Ca Mau maps of the previous years, etc. On the second floor, visitors will have the opportunity to recalling the historical period as well as the establishment context of Hong Anh Thu Quan and learn more about the revolutionary ideals that Uncle Ho and some of our exemplary revolutionists gave to the Vietnamese revolution.

The relic is located in a busy market with full of items, visitors can stroll and buy their favorite products after enjoying coffee refreshingly.

The difference of Dong Tram coffee shop is the simple and familiar things that visitors can feel in the nostalgic space that is difficult to see at other places. Besides, we can both drink coffee and understand the history of the nation. This is a red address to teach the patriotic tradition of Ca Mau people to the young generation.

Photo and Content: Duong Kim Chuyen

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