Despite the sun or the rain, using this “secret”, Ca Mau Cape dried fish is still delicious

(Dan Viet) With the experience and professional skills of Song Doc town people (Tran Van Thoi district, Ca Mau province), the dried fishes produced in the rainy season when reaching consumers are still of good quality and are not different from products produced in the sunny months.

These days, coming to Song Doc Town, in the wet weather in the rainy season, taking advantage of the sunny weather, people in Song Doc Town are busy with drying fishes. It is known that in order to get delicious dried and eye-catching fishes,people here have their own secret.

With more than 10 years’ experience, Mr. Luu Van Tam (Group 4, Song Doc Town) said: “Usually, in the sunny season, fishes after being bought from the boats must be scaled and pulled out intestine. Then wash and soak in salt water for about 1 night, when the fishes are sufficiently salty, then wash them again, leave them dry off and put them on the grid, dry them in the sunlight for 2 days”.

 du nang hay mua, dung "bi kip" nay ca kho xu dat mui van ngon tuyet hinh anh 1Fish must be salty enough to dry in the sunlight (Photo: Chuc Ly).

“In the absence of sunlight, fishes are cleaned and then salted but dried immediately but stored in a freezer or ice bucket until the sun. If it rains or there is not enough sunlight, it is mandatory to preserve the fishes into the freezer for no more than 1 week.  Moreover, it should be noted that in the rainy season, fishes have been cleaned and salted enough,” said Mr. Tam.

du nang hay mua, dung "bi kip" nay ca kho xu dat mui van ngon tuyet hinh anh 2Dried fishes are cleaned before performing the remaining stages (Photo: Chúc Ly)

du nang hay mua, dung "bi kip" nay ca kho xu dat mui van ngon tuyet hinh anh 3

du nang hay mua, dung "bi kip" nay ca kho xu dat mui van ngon tuyet hinh anh 4Dried fishes are exposed in the enough sunlight to ensure a long-term storage (Photo: Chuc Ly)

According to the dried fish production households in Song Doc town, because there is rarely sunlight to dry the fishes in the rainy season, people usually only make dried salted fishes (dried salted), rarely sweet or unsalted dried fished. Dried fish production is more labor-consuming and time-consuming in the rainy season than in the sunny season but the price is not different.

du nang hay mua, dung "bi kip" nay ca kho xu dat mui van ngon tuyet hinh anh 5Although dried fishes may be produced in the rainy season, Song Doc dried fishes are still of good quality (Photo: Chuc Ly).

Mr. Le Kim Hung – Head of Group 4 Farmers ‘Association- said: “About 2.5 kg of fresh fishes will give 1 kg of dried fish. The price of dried fish depends on the tastiness and size of each kind of fish. Apart from selling to the dried fish stalls in the province, dried fished are wholesaled to the merchants in Ben Tre province.”

It is known that at present, due to the decrease in exploited fishes and difficulties in consumption market, the number of dried fish production households in Song Doc town gradually decreases. Families who still live on producing dried fishes have been stable economically and contributed to maintaining the traditional dried fished production in Song Doc estuary.

Truc Ly

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