Da Bac Island

Da Bac Island is located in Kinh Hon village, Khanh Binh Tay commune, Tran Van Thoi district, Ca Mau province. It is 480m from mainland, 50km from Ca Mau city in the West and has a natural area of ​​ 6.34 hectares, consisting of three islands: Ong Ngo Island, Da Bac Le Island and Da Bac Island. In the cluster of 3 these island, Da Bac Island is the highest; therefore, people call them Da Bac Island generally. This is a small island located close to the shore, not as big as many other islands; however, Da Bac Island has a strategic position in ensuring national defense and security and facilitating marine economics and tourism.


 Photo: Huynh Kim Hai

Coming to Da Bac Island is coming to the paradise on the rock island. The marvelous natural characteristics and the legends of the fairy yard, the fairy wells will take us to be lost in the Elysium. On this island, there are many mysterious stories passed through the generations, particularly the story about the whale rescuing people in the sea.

Beside beautiful natural landscapes and a convergence place of spiritual values of coastal people in Kinh Hon village, Da Bac Island is also the place where happened the case of CM12 – dismantled the illegal immigration of Le Quoc Tuy and Mai Van Hanh to overthrow Socialist regime. CM12 is a large- scale counterintelligence campaign in terms of time, space and fighting force arrangement. This is one of the best and proudest victories of the People’s Police Force.


Photo: Nguyen Dang Duy

On June 22nd, 2009, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has issued the decision on recognizing Da Bac Island – the command center of counterintelligence plan CM12 (September 09th, 1981- September 09th,1984) as a National historic relic. To promote the significant historic value, the Ministry of Public Security continued to invest in building a number of other important items. Up to now, Da Bac Island has 3 major works: The monument of Homeland Security Protection 21m high, President Ho Chi Minh Temple; People’s Public Security Museum and Relics Exhibition Zone. Da Bac Island has really become a “red address” to promote, educate traditions and an attractive tourism destination for domestic and international visitors in Ca Mau. All the historical values and natural beauty made a small coastal island always shone and sparkled like a pearl in the sea and sky in the southernmost point of Vietnam.

Nguyen Tuyen

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