Da Bac Island – the attractive tourist destination of Ca Mau Province

From Ca Mau city, it takes only one hour by motobike to travel in the West, tourist will come to a beautiful and fascinating island group with many wild features: Da Bac Island which is far from the mainland about 400m, located in Kinh Hon village, Khanh Binh Tay commune, Tran Van Thoi district, and makes this island become the most attractive tourist destination of Ca Mau Province. This tourist destination located far away from Ca Mau city about 45km by the road which was recognized as the national historic sites by the Ministry of Cuture, Sports and Tourism in June 2009.

In order to reach Da Bac Island, visitors can go by many different ways such as car, motobike, bus, waterway and so on. This is one of the most ideal destination for travellers who would like to have a day-off or picnic for relaxing and enjoying with lots of activities like walking aroud the seaside, fishing with brown fishes, shrimp, breathing fresh-air,…after hard-working days.

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Da Bac Island – Photo: Khanh Vy

Going across the coastal fishing village, tourists have a chance for looking at many kinds of fishing-boat which is anchored after several days getting to the open sea and exposing itself to the slightly golden sunny in the morning. Besides that, local citizens are also working with industry and cleveress and busying mending a fishing net, splitting fish for making a dried fish. Sometimes, eating houses and restaurants still containts a faintly redolent of some dishes with “a flavour of sea”. In addition to this, we will take a tour around sourviner shops in which sell a lot of hand-craft, dried shrimp, dried fish,…together with a greet of sellers for both open-heart face and deeply-felt words making someone have to stop leaving their feet for a while dispite they don’t want. People here seem to be know how to make a tour and know the demand of visitor as a thought-reader. Apart from the above mention, they also show the necessary products which is support travellers such straw, rubber sandals, fishing rod, beverage,…. tramcar service for helping visitors from places to places. Starting to discover Da Bac Island by walk through a bridge for both taking a photo and breathing fresh air under a slightly light from the waves of the beach splash is really wonderful. Seen from afar, Da Bac Island gradually emerge from the sea. Da Bac Island is a beautiful island group consisting of three big and small islands lying close together, namely Ong Troi island, Ong Ngo island which contributes Da Bac island to become more and more popular and turn into the most attractive tourist destination of Ca Mau Province.

After finishing a tour through stone bridge, we can step on Da Bac island with the whole Da Bac island as a primeval flora floor. The island is formed from shiny granite rock of 180 million years old which make the shore sparkle in the sunlight. Some of them have wierd shapes that people have named like stone hand, fairy foot, bees’ nest, fish,…

Besides, in Da Bac Island also has a forest ecosystem which is extremely rich and diverse with the jungle, primeval and rare vegetation. This is the magic beauty that the nature has endowed for Ca Mau province. Coming to Da Bac island, each and all, is excited for a meaningful trip. More interesting, the first activities of us is to visit the command center of counterintelligence plan CM12  in which was dismantled the Illegal immigration of Le Quoc Tuy and Mai Van Hanh to overthrow Socialist regime in the early 80’s, after 30/4, burning incense for top-ranking general Nam Hai (confering a title on Ca Ong) at Nam Hai temple –  which displays one of the biggest a skeleton of giant whale in Ca Mau and listen to the mysterious stories about the whale rescuing people in Hon Chuoi island. As the instruction of the local citizens, we would like to guide all of you taking part in the next action is that going to catch fish, cuttlefish, oyster is a traditional activities which is attractive both visitors and local people. They enthusiatically guide me how to take the baits into a fish-hook, give us a boat or canoe for catch oyster, fishing and so on. For a little time acting as a fisherman, we luckily collec war booty consistting of several fishes, cuttlefishes, oysters and adding some others from sellers. After that, gather all of them to Da Bac island restaurant for preparing a luch with special beers like Saigon or Heniken is truly fantastic. On the whole day in this island, we have a time chatting up with fisherman who told many the mysterious stories relating to Da Bac island with help us feel pleasantly in which we come.

A natural landscape of Da Bac island is extremely picturesque and seductive man’s heart. Tourist can take a freely discovery many secrets of nature, climb the cliffs which lie on a giant rock, sit under the shade out of the forest and listen to twitter of birds and quite waves of the beach splash. All of them combine together to become a harmonious symphony orchestra of the ocean and the open sea.

In the afternoon, Da Bac island as a watercoulor painting with the reddish evening clouds reflecting itself under the blue water which creates various red traces shaking on the sea surface. It is no longer hot in the afternoon in order visitors have to protect theirself from the sun, they can be pleasant and enjoyable inside the beach wave and may be stored their real picture with a natural landscape in Da Bac island.

We are leaving from the island with lots of memories which is an unforgettable moments due to its attractive landscape. If we aren’t very busy with our career, we will surely stay here for a long time in order to enjoy the sunrise and some other particularly interestings. We heared from someone who visited this island said that the sight of the sunrise was  configured out different shapes of the break of day in a dim and virtual light of Da Bac island, both picturesque and romantic. Leaving Da Bac island,  we can not forget to buy some special products to give our friends and families as a gift such oysters, shrimp paste, dried fish, dried cuttlefish,…

Once coming to Da Bac island, tourists and travellers have a sense of interesting, wonderful and beautiful landscape that the nature has endowed for Ca Mau province. And so Hon Da Bac becomes an ideal destination for the tourists who want to return to the nature which makes us strong impression about it.

Writer: Duong Kim Chuyen

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