Culinary culture plays an important role in building Ca Mau tourist destination

Camau is located a special geographic location so that culinary culture of Ca Mau also have different characteristics. Coming to Ca Mau tourism to enjoy the delicious foods which are also one of the types of cultural tourism unique, attracting millions of visitors each year.

People said that “Visit Central, should visit Ca Na area / Want to eat fish and shrimp, you should visit to Ca Mau.” This folk praises the richness of Ca Mau seafood resources, making visitors everywhere swoon for the pride and originality of each dish brought by the locality. Therefore, people will not have to worry about “what to eat?” When it comes to the land of the extreme South. With rich and diverse natural resources, Ca Mau has abundant aquatic resources. According to statistics in 2016, total production and aquaculture 480,000 tons. Seafood production has brought high economic efficiency, bring more foreign currency and bring Ca Mau province has the highest seafood export turnover in the country.

Văn-hóa-ẩm-thực-anh-1Camau brick Crab boiled

 U Minh Ha Forest Eel

A land exists in parallel with the two salty and fresh ecosystems that form tourism products characteristic of both ecosystems. Coming to the ecosystem of inundation in the U Minh Ha National Park, visitors will enjoy foods which made from biological resources such as grilled snakehead fish, vegetable salad, fish sauce, copperfish fried lemongrass, fried frog with lemongrass and chili, fried perch fish, bee salad, …

Grilled Giant Mudskipper fish with salt and chili

Mangrove ecology will bring tourists to Dat Mui land where round a year is sunshine and enjoy the foods are made from seafood such as boiled bricks crab (held Vietkings record ranked in the top 50 delicious dishes of Vietnam), grilled lobster, cooked shrimp with coconut milk, Spade-fish cooked with Slender watervine basil, grilled Giant Mudskipper fish with salt and chili, coconut milk sauté wool snail, bon bon vegetable cooked with shrimp, salted Ba Khia, egg and squid surimi, Oyster grlled with onion and oil, pineapple fish cooked with fish sauce, gray eel-catfish, blood oyster cooked with tamanind…

Rock crab roasted with salt

Cuisine cuture of  Ca Mau street is also a special feature of wading, because Ca Mau is the land of the three ethnics: Vietnamese – Chinese – Khmer. The mixture and cultural progress has formed some foods with interesting mix such as noodle soup, spicy silk cake, hot pot sauce, noodles, crab noodle soup, crab cakes, … next traditional snacks like gong cake, fried banana, grilled banana, dairy cake, smart cake, cauldron, flat nuggets, pineapple cakes …


Lobster stir with garlic

The foods range from traditional to modern, from simple to sophisticated meticulous taste of the local people and tourists. We can easily enjoy everywhere from alleyways to al fresco dining.

Wool snail cooked with coconut

With the richness of the nature species, the Ca Mau people learned ingenious processing and processing aquatic species as well as some other local produce into the gift of land specialties. Sea aquatic fishes are such as Ca Mau dried shrimp (held Vietnam record ranked in the top 10 specialties of Vietnam in 2017), dried aquatic fishes (pineapple fish, squid, U Minh fish, potato fish, gray eel – catfish,crab,  honey , …. In addition, U Minh honey is also a product that tourists prefer by pure source of cajuput flowers from high value in beauty and treatment.

Chili sticky rice cake

For tourists in all parts of the country, culinary culture of Ca Mau has become a very prominent brand early, occupying trust by the prestige and top quality. It is therefore no coincidence that the fair booths displaying specialty products, or a culinary program of Ca Mau, are highly appreciated by tourists and professionals. come. The essence of culinary arts also contribute to honor, promote Ca Mau Tourism to domestic and international tourists.

Delicious  Culinary Competition of Ca Mau Delicious Foods in 2016

During the past years, Ca Mau has constantly improved the information and promotion of destinations through programs, events and activities of local culinary culture.

 Food Contest of Spring Tasty in  2018

Besides, activities promoting the image of cuisine in the localities throughout the country, Ca Mau is also active in maintaining and promoting traditional culinary culture of the local through the organization of the contest moisture Every year and attracts many business units, tourism and food in the province to attend such as Ca Mau Food Festival in 2014, 2016; From this contest, local people and tourists will have the opportunity to learn more about the features as well as the richness and diversity. the form of Ca Mau cuisine. This is also considered as one of the most effective and effective visual communication channels of Ca Mau tourism through the delicious foods at home.

Festival of cooking and packing cylindric glutinous rice with Spring favor 2017

In addition, Ca Mau also focuses on the promotion of food information through the website, Vietnam Tourism Magazine, the media, … In 2013, the province publishes Ca Mau Cuisine Book and is reprinted in 2016. Visitors also find it easier to select and find information about delicious food as well as address. Specific food when coming to Ca Mau.

 Working with film: Crew Paradise Food

Along with the publication of the books, Ca Mau also cooperated and assisted the film crews to publish the film content of food such as introducing four delicious foods of Ca Mau (spicy silk cake, chili, roasted rock crab salt, roasted salt crab) in the Foods of Heaven Program (broadcast on HTV7); Combined with VTC digital television, introducing movie clips such as: Cua Nam Can – Ca Mau specialties; Enjoy Ca Mau shrimp, eating oysters in Dat Mui, “rare – especialize” products in U Minh Ha National Park. In all information activities promotion destination Ca Mau tourism, whether in terms of tourism in general or food in particular, culinary culture is always paid attention and receive the best response. Sympathy from tourists and professionals.

On the process of the partition of the Earth of the Top of the World of the world, the visitors may be will be bender of the first of the shell of the mangrove forest; will feel the comfortable with country of the relaxing trip; making soul with the sounds of the folk characters from the story of Mr. Bac Ba Phi, traditional signing culture; spending time of shopping at river market, sea,… become the binary symbols of the history of the history of the history program,… But all will not enough enough if missing text space in each product that you need around. The should be, lightization text is already used by a location, unsupported section in the design, build and images to the point of the travel point of the Mau.

By Duong Kim Chuyen

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