Countryside Tourism- A New Potentiality of Ca Mau Tourism

Currently, many visitors are no longer  interested in the tours in luxury hotels, artificial beauty spots and royal services. Countryside tourism is a door to be open and Ca Mau has an enormous potentiality in this type of tourism.

In the buffer zone of U Minh Ha National Park (Tran Van Thoi and U Minh Districts), there is a freshwater swamp ecosystem with the immense melaleuca forests, which help the bees nest. It is the land where we still listen to “fish –snapping” outside every night. Beside bee nest protection and river fish farming, local people still cultivate paddies and fruit trees on forest land. Come to U Minh Ha, we can realize many specific features of Ca Mau’s old village.

Mr. Tu Tuan (Hamlet 19, Tran Hoi Commune, Tran Van Thoi District, Ca Mau Province) has implemented a model of countryside tourism for tourists to visit and experience. Come here, visitors not only see the countryside landscape with immense rice fields, green tree gardens, fish ponds, gourd frames, wax guard frames on the pond edge but also enter the ordinary life of rural people in an active way. Visitors will experience the daily life with farmers. This tourism type is definitely not leisured but you will feel pleased about the new and unique things, especially for those born and grown up in the city.


Come here, visitors will experience the collective life of the whole family: men will be engaged in activities such as plowing the field, banking up the field and bailing out water. Women will go down rice fields to transplant rice seedlings, grow vegetables and go fishing. Children enjoy swimming and rounding up ducks. They may play traditional games with children in the village as “U Moi”, “Rope Jumping”, “Tang Lon”, Five- Ten Hide and Seek, etc. In the current modern life when the technology has gone into every corner of human life, children born in the city are extremely interested in catching chicken, feeding chicken that we think they will feel strange but extremely familiar. The adults like to climb trees and pick fruit, collect corn and cut vegetables, which is considered as hard work in the countryside. At dawn when the rooster napes of the neck, visitors also follow the house owner to wade into the forest to cut melaleuca flowers with slightly dew to collect the nectar, thereby understanding why bees nest here and give such much honey.

du lich cong dong ca mau

A tour to the countryside is not just a sightseeing tour but a real life, visitors may be close to the natural world, thereby understanding more about the life of local people.

However, only some households can participate in providing these tourism services for visitors. In reality, the rural areas are currently in semi-urban situation, farmer’s jobs are strongly mechanized; therefore, first of all it is necessary to make investment in restoring, developing and creating rural products in order to serve tourism.

With the support of Ca Mau Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism and other local levels and branches at the locality, the countryside tourism site at Mr. Tu Tuan’s house located in Hamlet 19, Tran Hoi Commune, Tran Van Thoi District is step by step completed to put into effective exploitation. It will be a place for visitor to experience and explore the life of farmers in U Minh Ha and add more pages to their travel book.

Article: La Mong Linh, Photo: Khanh Vy

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