Connectivity in trade between Ca Mau’s enterprises and Ha Noi Capital’s counterparts

On 09 September, 2016, at the People’s Committee Hall, Deparment of Industry and Trade of Ca Mau province and that of Ha Noi City held a conference on the trade-connection between Ca Mau’s enterprises and that of Ha Noi’s counterparts. The conference is an opportunity for provinces’ enterprises to show more detail about the implement of cooperation agreements on the investment promotion, trade, tourism program between  the Steering Committee for the Southwest Region and the People’s Committee of Ha Noi; is a bridge on the trade-connection between Ca Mau’s enterprises and their counterparts in Ha Noi city in order to introduce, broadcast and bring Ca Mau’s special products into the distribution system of Ha Noi city and vice versa.

Participating in a seminar has Vice Chairman of Ca Mau Peope’s Committee – Le Van Su, Director of Department of Industry and Trade of Ca Mau– Nguyen Van Do, Ha Noi Deputy Department of Industry and Trade of Ha Noi– Ms. Pham Thi Lan Phuong and representatives from over 40 enterprises, cooperatives, supermarkets, agencies in Ca Mau and Ha Noi. The delegation from Ha Noi including state officers and representatives from enterprises, cooperatives, supermarkets, commercial center, markets in which supply of goods and meterials in order to distribute into the north market. In Ca Mau, representatives from People’s Committee, Department of Industry and Trade, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Department of Planning and Investment, Department of Finace, Vietnam’s Fatherland Front, Vietnam Farmer’s Union, Vietnam Woman’s Union, Vietnam Confederation of Labour, Tourism Promotion and Information Center, Business Association, Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association,… and over 30 orgazionals and individuals which is representative from enterprises and suppliers for special products of Ca Mau.


At the event, enterprises are fully able to supply the best quality of goods with long-term and sustainable showing their special products from the locals. honey bee from Low U Minh, dried shrimp, dried fish, Tan Loc Wine, Tuk khmau Wine, Three-leaf Cayratia Wine, Biochar, Nam Can Crab, dried bananas, Glutinous rice chupatty mixed with powdered shrimp,… in order to introduce, seek a chance for the trade-cooperation with other enterprises from Ha Noi. Apart from taking part in exhibition their products at the same places where customers can be used it as a trial, make a video presentation to introduce special products for both cities involing Ca Mau and Ha Noi. In addition to this, it is a great advantage to meet, exchange the experiences, analyze opportunities and difficulties in the time to come, expand the market, bring the products of Ca Mau into Ha Noi market and vice versa between enterprises

In a conference, two business managers disscussed and presented detailed information about the trade – tourism economic situation, potential and opportunity for partnership in some sectors, joining hands to expand the market, giving out the ways to supply special products, services which is signed cooperation agreements.


Tourism Promotion and Information Center exhibited the printed material of Ca Mau tourism

On this occasion, Ca Mau Tourism Promotion and Information Center displayed several printed material related to tourism including Guide tour book, Ca Mau’s Cuisine, Exploring Green Land brochure and DVD… in the aim of introduction the attractive destination, interested tour-routes, tourism products and so on. Vietravel company and BenThanhTourist also took part in this meeting and provided specific information about Ca Mau tourism and its image to Ha Noi’s market and the north cities.

Before finishing this trip, the delegation have a chance to take real experiences at some production facilities in Ca Mau city, Cai Nuoc district, Nam Can district, Ngoc Hien district and  Ca Mau cape culture – tourism Park./.

Writer and Photo: La Mong Linh

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