Colourful Competition on “Cuisin Festival on Spring Day” at Ca Mau city 2016

Boosting the previous success, on 1st February, 2016, Ca Mau city Culture and Information Office coordinate with Ca Mau Tourism Promotion and Information Center, accompany with the related units organize the Competition on “Cuisin Festival on Spring Day” in 2016.

The competitive festival took place at Youth Square with the participation of 17 enthusiatic and creative teams coming from communes, wards of the city. Passing the three main part of the competition including dragon dances, cook and cylindric glutinous rice cake (filled with green bean paste and fat pork), cuisine competition,  the candidate of teams have to perform the presentations about professional cuisine which must meet a demand of board of examiners such as art of a skilful decoration, preparation for report to make presentations carefully, bringing tourists and audiences lots of fun and attractive. Now, let’s spend a little time looking back this event.

Dragon dance competition between teams have been finished in the sense of interesting and exciting from tourists and audiences with different forms of the dragon dance. Next,17 units from communes and wards had have continued to step into the next battle with cook and cylindric glutinous rice cake. In this stage, each team have to prepare carefully the needed ingredients.


Photo: Thy Dieu

As a professional cooker, each member of the team rhythmically coordinate together in order to implement several steps for cooking and making cylindric glutinous rice cake: ovelapping banana leaves, pouring a cup of rice along the length of the leaves, adding a few pieces of pork lean and fat mixed with the mashed mung beans in the center, then covering it up with another cup rice. Finally, folding the leaves and wrapping it tightly like a present. Accompanying with peaceful space of festival is a lot of funny stories at the end of the year and many loud smiles of girls, aunts and sisters.


Photo: Kieu Trang

At the moment, a beautiful green package of the cakes gradually appears in order to prepare for stage-cooking.


Photo: Kieu Trang

Finishing this step, the candidate brings some of cakes for decoration and other ones for tie a couple of cakes, hanging over it to remind local people, tourist and visitors about Tet Holiday in the Southwest Region.

amthuc4Photo: Thy Dieu

Lastly and more waiting is a part of decoration. The candidate have to know how to decorate their products more and more beautiful and interesting following the theme of festival in order to get “high score” from the board of examiners. The cakes then cut into wheel-shaped slices regularly and make a hormonious colour combination: green of banana leaves, pure white of rices, yellowish of beans. In addition, some craftsman still “make-up” for the cakes with a motley colour such as: yellow of Gac which is a fruit produced by Momordica cochinchinensis and is found throughout the Southeast Asian including in Viet Nam, purple of magenta plant, green of Pandan leaves….


Photo: Thy Dieu

However, several teams would like to “show-off”, bringing to the competion with LED running lights following the theme which is a novel thing and attraction, helping audiences and board of examinars is really exciting and interesting.

amthuc6Photo: Thy Dieu

In ancestral tray for Tet holiday of Ca Mau’s residents in special and Mekong Delta in general, cylindric glutinous rice cake is often served with Stewed pork with caramel, pickled small leeks, fried shrimp for a sweet treat.


Photo: Thy Dieu

And this is a result of the full tray of cylindric glutinous rice cake which is a very eye-catching

am-thuc-10Photo: Thy Dieu

After finishing cook and make cylindric glutinous rice cake part, board of examinars have been chosen the best team for win and the worse team for failure with the prize regularions as follows: the top team of the competition was An Xuyen commune, followed by Ward 1and Ward 5, got the third of the competition was Ward 4, Ward 9, Dinh Binh commune, consolation prize was Ward 2, Ward 6, Ward 7, Ward 8, Tan Thanh Ward, Tan Xuyen Ward, Tan Thanh commune, Ly Van Lam commune, Hoa Tan commune, Hoa Thanh commune, Tac Van commune.

The second competition which was no less interesting is that Cuisine competition. All of team have to show their abilities with a skilled cooker.

The ward 4 team with carefully preparation and attractive presentation on 257 store-eating which excellently obtain the first prize.

am-thuc-ca-mau-11Photo: Thy Dieu

Following by the ward 8 for Tan Tan store with the second prize;

am-thuc-ca-mau-16Photo: Thy Dieu

And ranking the third prize by Ward 8 for Tan Tan store;

am-thuc-ca-mau-17Photo: Thy Dieu

Remaining teams received consolation prize. Ward 2 introduced about Chine’s cuisine with the preparation of Trieu Thanh store;

am-18Photo: Thy Dieu

Ward 5 is no less interesting than their counterpart with the new fresh dishes of Five-Five-Five store;

am-thuc-18Photo: Thy Dieu

The team coming from ward 6 took the traditional cuisine for not only colourful dishes but also delicous one.

am-thuc-19Photo: Thy Dieu

The competition of “Cuisin Festival on Spring Day” took place at Ca Mau city in the year of 2016 closed and remained deeply in board of examinar’s, candidate’s, audience’s and tourists’ heart. The event is very helpful place for both review a traditional beauty on Tet holiday occuring in the Southwest Region and occasion of introduction, broadcast the image of Ca Mau’s cuisine and tourism lively and effectively.

Writer: Thy Dieu

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