Ca Mau tourism summarizes the year 2017 and deploy 2018 plan

On 25/1/2018, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Ca Mau province held a conference to deploy the plan for 2018.

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Panorama Conference

The year 2017 is the second year implementing the resolution of the 15th Party Congress of Ca Mau province and the plan of socio-economic development of Ca Mau in 05 years for 2015-2020 period. The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism focused on achieving and exceeding the targets and tasks  which were established in the plan and program of action.

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Mr Tran Hieu Hung, Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism gave speech at the conference

Along with the cultural, sports and family sectors, the tourism sector has achieved many important indicators. Ca Mau Tourism continues to promote the association with other provinces, enabling travel agencies outside the province to research and bring tourists to Ca Mau; Some local businesses enhances the promotion to gain more tourists. Simultaneously, many plans, promotion programs are executed in order to attract more visitors to Ca Mau.

The province has continued reviewing and supplementing the Master plan on tourism development to 2020, orientation towards 2030. Tourism products and services have increasingly improved in quality, diversification and professional. The removal of difficulties and obstacles in investment of tourism infrastructure has achieved fine results, the promotion of tourism has gained positive movement that has contributed to the tourist attractions.

Implementing the 2017 tourism promotion program of Ca Mau province with good outcomes such as enhancing the promotion, broadcasting and introducing tourism products through various forms of the media, exhibitions and fairs. Moreover, adopting experiences in developing tourism in some developed provinces. Assistance the household businesses  about community tourism to standardize the service quality and facilitate the coordination with tour companies to better serve tourists.

In this year, Ca Mau province has welcomed and served 1,240,000 visitors, gaining 105.08% of the plan and increasing 11.3% compared to 2016 (of which has 1,215,000 domestic visitors), the total revenue of the industry is VND 670 billion, increasing by 35.86% compared to that of 2016.

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Collectives and individuals receive awards from the Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee for the outstanding achievement from 2016 to 2017.

In 2018, Ca Mau tourism strives to receive 1.440.000 visitors including 1,413,400 domestic visitors and reaching a revenue of VND 920 billion. To achieve this target, the tourism sector must focus on several significant tasks, including:

Continuing to focus on implementing the guidelines, resolutions, programs and plans of the provincial Party Committee and the provincial People’s Committee on tourism development. In addition, advising on the issuance of policies aims to attract investment in tourism development; Training and fostering human resources for management and service tends to serve the tourist business activities.

Concentrating on building and developing specific tourist products of the province, in which place an emphasis on the development of eco-tourism, community-based tourism, craft villages tourism, … to create the competitiveness, attraction and attract more tourists.

Implementing effectively the Tourism Promotion Program 2018 through various forms, innovation and efficiency; Enhancing the cooperation and external relations to exploit potentials and advantages for sustainable development of tourism; continuing to cooperation with the other provinces about connecting tours to develop new tourism products in order to satisfy tourist’s needs.

In 2018, Ca Mau tourism identified both opportunities and challenges in developing tourism, which becomes a major economic sector of the country. That requires the struggle of the entire sector as well as the coordination with the other industries and levels to improve Ca Mau tourism, to affirm our role in the region and the country.

Photo by: Khanh Vy. Written by Thy Dieu

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