Ca Mau strengthens investment attraction in the fields of strength

Ca Mau province is focusing on implementation of investment, tourism and trade promotion, striving to attract more than 50 investment projects inside and outside industrial parks and economic zones from now to 2020.

There are 10 FDI projects out of the 50 investment attraction projects. In particular, Hon Khoai Port, Nam Can Port, high-tech complex, wind power, solar power projects are given priority.

There are 21 projects for calling for investment in the 2017-2020 period in Ca Mau province besides 03 projects including Hon Khoai Port Project, Ca Mau- Mui Ne Tourism Area Project and Song Trem Ecotourism Area.

The industrial parks and economic zones of the province focus on attracting investment for 18 projects, including investment projects for technical infrastructure of industrial parks, non-tariff areas, trade- finance centers, residential areas, potentiality exploitation; service port exploitation and ship repair; wood processing plants, bananas, aquatic products, seafood and animal feed processing, garments and shoes for export, etc.

Nguyet Thanh

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