Ca Mau Province Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism participated in “Mekong Delta Green Tourism Week in 2015” in Can Tho city

From June 27– July 03, 2015, Mekong Delta Green Tourism Week in 2015 shall be organized in Can Tho city. This is the first regional event held by Southwest Region Steering Committee in coordination with Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and People’s Committee of Can Tho City and Golden Lotus Company with the participation of the provinces and cities having the strengths of tourism in the country and the cities in the Mekong sub-region countries such as Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, etc.

Mekong Delta Green Tourism Week in 2015’s activities are aimed at creating focal points for tourism in Mekong Delta;  introducing and promoting tourism potentialities and unique culture and tourism products and finding out solutions to link the development of tourism in Mekong Delta. Tourism Week consists of key activities: Mekong Delta’s trade and tourism Fair in 2015; Workshop on “Linking for development of Mekong Delta’s green tourism”; Seminar on “Promoting investment in Mekong Delta’s green tourism”; Cooking Contest “Plain Flavor”; Final Contest “Miss plain”; “Colors of the South” Night and art contest for the talented tour guides, “Meeting and exchange with the artists” Night; Street Festival, etc.



“Mekong Delta Green Tourism Week” is an event to attract tourists to the Western Vietnam. Participation in this activity will be an opportunity for the provinces and cities nationwide to introduce and promote their tourism brand to domestic and international tourists, promote the need to visit, expand tourism market, contribute to sustainable growth of tourism in the region, especially green tourism, as well as contribute to the promotion of investment in tourism; make a drastic change in Mekong tourism development in the coming time.

In the framework of the Green Tourism Week, Mekong Delta’s trade and tourism Fair in 2015 will take place with the 1200-1500 booths. The fair is the bridge between enterprises and customers and is a chance to strengthen brand promotion and product introduction. Moreover, it is also an opportunity for tourism promotion centers of the provinces, cities, tourism enterprises to exchange, learn about information, listen to the opinions of consumers as well as facilitate tourism firms’ access to business cooperation with the potential and key tourism markets.

To contribute to improving the effectiveness of tourism promotion in Ca Mau, Ca Mau Province Tourism Promotion and Information Centre and Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism requires cooperating with exhibitors to establish 36m2 booths with the theme “Ca Mau Tourism rising from green cape”. The booths are designed with open space and decorated with pictures of destinations, landscapes, monuments, culture, festivals, pictures of Mui Ca Mau World Biosphere Reserve, World Ramsar Site with specific characteristics of the land at the southernmost point of Vietnam so that tourists can feel that coming to Ca Mau is coming to the sea, forests and immersed in immense space at the southernmost point of Vietnam.

Coming to Ca Mau tourism booths, tourists will be impressed by showcases of mangrove ecosystems and freshwater ecosystems like mangroves, melaleuca, bees’ nests, bird’s nests, etc. The panel of the ship with the filling-out sail reaching out to sea in the heart of the city known as Tay Do land is a proud symbol not only of Ca Mau people but also Vietnamese people. Everyone is looking forward to setting their feet on the southernmost land of Vietnam. This will become the highlight of Ca Mau tourism booths at the Mekong Delta Green Tourism Week in 2015.

Ca Mau tourism booths showcase specialties and specific gifts: U Minh forest honey, dried mudskippers, dried shrimp, dried fish, dried catfish, dried goby, salted cattails, three-striped crab, etc along with tourism brochures, publications, tourist guidebooks, brochures, leaflets, DVDs about Ca Mau tourism, including Ca Mau-Vietnam tourism guidebooks, Ca Mau cuisine, Green cape DVD, etc for visitors.

Come to Ca Mau tourism booth at Mekong Delta Green Tourism Week in 2015 to feel and explore Ca Mau – the land is blessed with melaleuca forest, vast green mangrove forests, vast rivers, friendly and generous people in the heart of Can Tho city.

Kieu Trang

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