Ca Mau promotes the tourism development cooperation with other provinces and cities in the country

In recent years, the development trend of Vietnam tourism has spread and influenced to the region and the world. In the general development trend, Ca Mau tourism development has also increased rapidly in quantity and quality.

According to the statistics of visitors of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 2016 there are 1,069,200 visitors (including 23,120 international visitors) and 2017 with 1,240,000 visitors (including 25,000 international visitors). The turnover of the whole industry reached VND 670 billions, up 35.86% compared to 2016. Considering the number of tourists and Ca Mau tourism revenue has increased in recent years. This proves that for a long time, Ca Mau tourism has been receiving great attention from all sectors and local levels.

Ca Mau is the southernmost of the country, in the Mekong Delta (Mekong Delta), with three sides are long 254 kilometers of coastline, accounting for 7.8% of the coastline of the country. Ca Mau area is about 80,000 km2, one of the four key fishing grounds of the country. In particular, Ca Mau Province has the Ca Mau Cape National Tourism Park (National Park) designated by UNESCO as the World Biosphere Reserve, recognized by the Ramsar Convention Secretariat as the 2,088th Ramsar Site of the World and the Ramsar Site 5th of Vietnam.

On June 18, 2018, the Prime Minister approved the General Plan for the development of Mui Ca Mau National Tourism Park, Ca Mau Province until year 2030, creating favorable conditions for Ca Mau tourism particularly and Cuu Long tourism in general for opportunities to change themselves. It also laid the groundwork for the development and upgrading of the tourism infrastructure, thus contributing significantly to the efficient exploitation of tourism potential, the expansion of the tourism link market with key markets. .

With the advantages of unique natural terrain, rich and diverse culture, friendly people, Ca Mau Province has become a province with potential to attract investment, in which investment development for tourism which is considered one of the important directions and has a profound influence on the economic development of the locality.

Ca Mau Province is focusing on effectively exploiting potentials and strengths to develop tourism into an important economic sector to contribute to socio-economic growth and economic restructuring in the direction of gradual increase. The proportion of tourism and services in GDP, creating more employment opportunities, increasing incomes for laborers and the community, increasing budget revenues, building synchronized infrastructure, creating premises for other economic sectors to develop. That is the continuous efforts of Ca Mau Province in the development of tourism.

du-lich-ca-mau-hop-tac-anh-1-768x512Ca Mau province participates in the conference on cooperation and development of tourism in the West of the Mekong Delta

In 2018, with role as a Head Group of tourism development in the western of Mekong Delta (Ca Mau Province, Can Tho Province, An Giang Province, Kien Giang Province, Hau Giang Province, Bac Lieu Province, Soc Trang Province), Ca Mau Province built through the implementation plan of Cooperation program for tourism development in the West of Mekong Delta in year 2018. The plan focuses on the main contents such as cooperation and cooperation in state management; promotion; building tourism products; training human resources for tourism; join the general event. One of the new contents is included in the work plan of year 2018 which is to promote cooperation and cooperation between enterprises in the localities. Accordingly, the Group will actively mobilize, encourage and create conditions for enterprises to organize Gala programs to meet, exchange and cooperate among tourist business enterprises in the Group with enterprises. The Mekong Delta and the key tourist areas of the country to create favorable conditions for enterprises to introduce and cooperate in business activities.

Promoting the role of the Head Group of the Western Tourist Group with positive actions in cooperating and making specific plans to aim to create for the development of tourism in the localities of Ca Mau Province. It has continuously promoted tourism development cooperation to the provinces and cities in the country and abroad.

As a member of the Mekong Delta Tourism Association, Ca Mau always affirms its role and position in coherence, cooperation and development of outreach tourism in the provinces and cities outside the Mekong Delta.

 du-lich-ca-mau-hop-tac-anh-2-768x431Seminar on cooperation and development of tourism in Ha Noi Capital, An Giang Province, Can Tho Province, Kien Giang Province, Bac Lieu Province, Soc Trang Province, Hau Giang Province

From June 18, 2018 to June 23, 2018, the Mekong Delta Tourism Association organizes promotion, connection and development cooperation among provinces in the Mekong Delta Region of the West with provinces such as Quang Binh Province, Ha Tinh Province, Nghe An Province, Thanh Hoa Province, and Ca Mau Province have participated in the seminar and signed a cooperation agreement on the development of tourism routes in the western provinces, opening up opportunities for cooperation and develop tourism for the province together with the above mentioned localities. This affirms the spirit of linking the localities, the promotion and connection of tours, routes, introducing points to create competitiveness in the market, contributing to creating close links to bring tourism in the Mekong Delta to develop strongly.

Ca Mau has also intensified its cooperation, learning and exchanging experience in tourism development with other provinces such as Ben Tre, Long An, Ho Chi Minh City and Phu Yen. Frequently, organize the trip to study experiences for tourism managers, enterprises, tourism households in the province and received the positive results in raising the model of building tourism products of the local community.

Ca Mau tourism has been with the advantages and available potential with the deep concern of local authorities in strengthening, cooperating and developing tourism with provinces and cities in the country that will be one of directions for Camau tourism development by accessing potential markets, improving state management capacity, attracting and calling for new investment partners, maximizing the strength of tourism. community-based,  development of information, promotion and tourism promotion.

In 2018, Ca Mau will assume the role of The Cluster Linking Head Group of Tourism Development Cooperation in the Western Mekong Delta and has launched plans to further strengthen tourism cooperation in the country. At the same time, Ca Mau also promotes the responsibility as  a member of the Mekong Delta Tourism Association to take full advantages of the potential advantages and being available to constantly seek opportunities for cooperation and tourism development, bringing the most development tourism in the province. In addition, in cooperation with other localities, Ca Mau province has also expanded cooperation with other countries such as Thailand, Lao and Cambodia through organizing exchanges and study tours. Experience developing community-based tourism in your country.

 By: Duong Kim Chuyen

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