Ca Mau organized a famtrip and fresstrip to survey tourism destinations

Under the tourism promotion program 2017, from the 15th to16th of November, 2017, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism organized a famtrip to survey Ca Mau tourism. The members including: Representatives of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism; Department of Tourism Management; Tourism Information and Promotion Center and tourism and travel businesses in Ca Mau, Can Tho; Representatives of the press and media agencies participated in the survey and reported.

khao sat du lich ca mau - anh 2

The famtrip surveyed the location where fishers catched fish with a net on mudflats – Ca Mau Cape

The famtrip is aimed at introducing the typical tourism destinations of Ca Mau to the key tourism market through the media and travel agencies, at the same time, recognizing the opinions of agencies and units participating in the survey on experience in tourism development, giving advice and recommendations on solving difficult tourism problems to branches and functional agencies. This famtrip is aimed at promoting propaganda and advertisement of the image of Ca Mau land and people to a large number of tourism businesses, domestic and international tourists. Moreover, it is also aimed at enhancing the promotion of destinations, tourism information supply, advertisement and propaganda promotion of new tourism products in Ca Mau Cape and the community tourism households in Dat Mui Commune and U Minh Ha melaleuca forest, etc to the media and tourism businesses. During this famtrip, the group also gave practical solutions to improve the service quality and available local resources to be ready to welcome visitors.

khao sat du lich ca mau - anh 1The group surveyed the oyster farming cages at Ca Mau Cape

Throughout the survey, the representatives of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism; Department of Tourism Management; Tourism Information and Promotion Center and Tourism Businesses have absorbed ideas from the members, analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of tourism. Most members highly appreciated the potentialities and overall development of tourism, especially ecotourism. However, they also frankly pointed out the limitations that needed to be overcome: In Ca Mau Cape, the planning is good but the tourism products are not rich, the road to the community tourism households is not quite difficult, etc. For long-term cooperation,  it is necessary to have solutions to improve facilities to attract tourists; link the tours to extend the homestay time in Ca Mau Cape; pay attention to the characteristic culinary style of each locality and especially improve the service quality, etc to attract regular visitors but not only seasonal visitors.

khao sat du lich ca mau - anh 3The famtrip discussed and gave ideas on tourism services

The successful famtrip contributed to enhance the promotion and construction of beautiful images for Ca Mau tourism to tourism businesses and and tourists.

 La Mong Linh

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