Ca Mau mangrove chopsticks – Dat Mui’s typical gift

Every tourist when coming to Ca Mau will bring any gift of Ca Mau Cape to his or her relatives and friends. It is probably the reason why Ca Mau’s famous souvenirs have been popular with tourists such as U Minh honey, Rach Goc dried shrimp, Cai Nuoc pickled cattail, Cai Do Vam Bombay duck, U Minh dried catfish, Ca Mau mangrove chopsticks, etc. Ca Mau mangrove chopsticks are beautiful and durable and made from natural mangrove. It is a safe tool and can be used for many years. Therefore, whenever using the mangrove chopstick, everyone will be impressed by Ca Mau in each meal.

duaduoccamaau-anh1Mangrove forest is growing in Ca Mau Cape

Ca Mau mangrove forest has an area of ​​63,071 hectares, of which, mangrove has high economic value and should be used for different purposes. In the past, people used mangrove to build houses, bridges, floor, closets, tables, chairs, handicrafts and coalmines. Moreover, mangroves are very close to the daily meal of Ca Mau people because mangroves are used to make chopsticks. The properties of mangrove are straight, firm and durable body. In the tourism development trend in the whole country, the number of tourists to Ca Mau increases day by day. From the use of mangrove chopsticks produced by manual methods to meet the daily needs, the chopsticks gradually go far to domestic and international tourists. Ca Mau people have created a number of machines to replace the different stages of chopstick production such as sawing planks, cutting square bars, sun drying, rounding, polishing, packaging and label printing.


Mangrove chopstick production is found in many districts of Ca Mau province but popularly in Nam Can, Ngoc Hien and Dam Doi districts. Mangrove chopstick production’s formation and development has contributed to the creation of jobs for a part of local people in the mangrove forest region. Mr. Hai Tuan (So Dua hamlet, Vien An commune, Ngoc Hien district) said that when we came up with the mangrove chopstick production model, we thought about how to solve the job problem for local people and limit unemployment in the locality. Therefore, when coming to a mangrove chopstick production locality, the working atmosphere is very busy and hard but everyone is happy. All workers are hard-working, the sawdust is clung to their body but they still smile happily, which brings visitors the new and strange feeling and helps them understand and sympathize with the hard-working life of Ca Mau people who lives with the sea and the forest all year round.

There are many types of Ca Mau Mangrove chopsticks, one for eating rice and one for cooking and frying food. In terms of color, the chopsticks are light yellow, fet black, red, etc. Therefore, visitors should select mangrove chopsticks based on the use purpose to suit to the eating style of family.


With a beautifull, natural and solid style, mangrove chopsticks have contributed to making dishes more delicious and widely used and selected by people all over the country. Nowadays, tourists can buy mangrove chopsticks at tourism areas and markets in Ca Mau province.

Photo and content: Duong Kim Chuyen

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