Ca Mau Food Festival 2016

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the re-establishment of Ca Mau Province (01/01/1997 – 01/01/2017) in the joy of Ca Mau Province and in the joyous atmosphere of Dinh Dau New Year 2017, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism held the Ca Mau delicious dishes contest 2016 at Ca Mau- Muong Thanh Hotel.

Ca Mau has not only beautiful nature but also many delicious dishes to attract visitors all over the world. To better serve the culinary experience needs of visitors to Ca Mau, according to the regulations of the Organization Committee, the contest participants must make three dishes from food ingredients of Ca Mau, in which one must be Crab. In addition, each unit, locality must select two more specific dishes as their own strengths.

After two months of launching, Ca Mau Food Festival 2016 took place at 8:30 on December 31, 2016 with the participation of 17 teams of 34 contestants representing units, organizations and individuals operating in the field of tourism services and having conditions to participate the contest in order to understand, exchange information, listen to opinions of customers, constantly develop and improve their skills so that product quality and tourism services could become better and better. At the same time, the contest was also an opportunity for organizations and individuals to promote their brands through typical specialties of Ca Mau cape and a chance for chefs or experienced cooks to exchange, learn and improve knowledge in the field of food, thereby contributing to propaganda and promotion of tourism and culinary culture.

anh-am-thuc-1Organizing Committee gave flowers and souvenir flags to the teams – Photo: Ca Mau Province Tourism Information and Promotion Center

The Judging Panel said “In this contest, chefs have made many excellent dishes in all aspects, diversified colorful decoration such as Crab scraws on dike, Phuong Hoang Pork-pie, Crab Hotpot, Curry Crab, Shrimps with two-piece sauce, Salted crab, Ca Chep Vuot Thien Mon, Garlic lobster, Crab in Samba Sauce, Steamed beef, Deep fried bee; Crab in corn sauce, Ky Lan Steamed Chicken, Hoang Kim Giap Crab, boneless eel with passion fruit, etc. Especially, the chefs used many materials from sea, river that showed the specialty and culinary characteristics of Ca Mau cape. In addition to food processing, some teams used vegetables, bulbs fruits to prune into bird, fish, bridge, boat, roses … which were the own characteristic of  the localities and units and showed the hospitality of people in Ca Mau cape.”


hoi-thi-am-thuc-ca-mau-2016Organizing Committee was giving score to teams- Photo: Ca Mau Province Tourism Information and Promotion Center

As the results of the contest, the Organizing Committee awarded 01 first prize, 02 second prizes, 03 third prizes and 11 consolation prizes. The first prize was given to Ca Mau Muong Thanh Hotel; Second Prize to Ca Mau Trade Union Hotel- Restaurant, Tan Tan Restaurant; Third prize to Phuoc Nguyen Thoi Binh Hotel -Restaurant, Ly Na Restaurant – Long Ty Hotel; Nhi De Restaurant.

At every contest, there will be winners, losers; low prizes, high prizes; however, the good results of the contest showed the higher spirit for culinary arts for the next Ca Mau delicious dishes contests. Through the food parties at the locality and the neighboring areas, domestic and international tourists may feel the interesting and attractive Ca Mau cuisine.

The Contest closed but Ca Mau delicious dishes (2016) with different colors and taste of cuisines made a lively picture of delicious dishes, introduced and promoted the images, people and culinary culture of Ca Mau to domestic and international tourists. At the same time, through contest, the organizations, individuals and businesses were encouraged to participate in tourism services, contributing to imporving the artistic quality of Ca Mau delicious dishes.

With the spirit and solidarity of the teams, Food Festival “Ca Mau Delicious Dishes Contest 2016” has been successfully completed, contributing to supplementing, honoring and introducing the culinary flavor of Ca Mau to domestic and international tourists./

 Trong Hieu

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