Ca Mau City held the “Taste and flavor of New Year” Food Festival on the occasion of New Year 2017

Before Dinh Dau New Year 2017, on January 24, 2017, Ca Mau City People’s Committee directed Ca Mau City Information and Culture Division to coordinate with Ca Mau Province Tourism Information and Promotion Center and the relevant agencies and organizations to hold “Taste and flavor of New Year” Food Festival in 2017. The event attracted 17 communes and wards and many local people.

hoi thi banh tet ca mau 2017 1Lion dance

As an activity of the Party and New Year Celebrating Program of the whole country, the festival is the annual event of Ca Mau city to introduce and promote Ca Mau traditional cake and cuisine; to create favorable conditions for business households, restaurants, bakeries and artisans to exchange experiences in the art of making traditional cakes and food, promote the cuisine value at the same time raise people’s awareness on food safety and hygiene; to link traditional cakes and food into the tourism system and direct towards building the culinary culture brand of Ca Mau tourism.

The festival consists of two parts: Packing and cooking Tet cake and cuisine which takes place and ends January 24, 2017 are evaluated based on the criteria of taste and decoration; nutrition, food hygiene and safety; creativity, originality, specific characteristics of Ca Mau and attractive presentation. In the Packing and Cooking Tet cake, all teams shall pack and cook 20 cakes; decorate them in a creative and impressive way and present before the Judging Board in the enthusiastic cheers of the audiences. Eventually, the Organizing Committee awarded 01 first prize to An Xuyen Commune; 02 second prizes to Ward 1 and Ward 7; 03 third prizes to Ward 6, Tan Thanh Commune and Dinh Binh Commune and consolation prizes to Ward 2, Ward 4, Ward 5, Ward 8, Ward 9, Tan Thanh Ward, Tan Xuyen Ward, Ly Van Lam Commune, Hoa Tan Commune, Hoa Thanh Commune and Tac Van Commune.

hoi thi banh tet ca mau 2017The 1st prize for Packing and cooking Tet Cake: An Xuyen Commune

hoi thi banh tet ca mau 2017 2The 2nd prize for Impressive decoration: Ward 1

In Cuisine contest, each team must prepare a food tray for New Year with dishes expressing the flavor of New year, ensuring the formality, nutrition, warmth, reunion, happiness, etc. As the result, the first prize is given to Ward 9; 02 second prizes to Ward 4 and Tac Van Commune; 03 Third Prizes to Ward 5, Hoa Tan Commune and Ly Van Lam Commune; 7 consolation prizes to Ward 2, Ward 6, Ward 8, Tan Thanh Ward, Hoa Thanh Ward, Dinh Binh Commune and Tan Xuyen Ward.

hoi thi banh tet ca mau 2017 3Cuisine contest of Ward 9

 The “Taste and flavor of New Year” Food Festival 2017 is an important cultural event of Ca Mau city, introducing the traditional beauty of preparation for the New Year in Southern Vietnam as well as promoting the image of culinary tourism in a lively and effective way./.

Thy Dieu
Ca Mau Province Tourism Information and Promotion Center

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