Ca Mau boosting in the cooperation and connection on tourism development

To prepare a conference to summarize tourism development cooperation between Ho Chi Minh city with the provinces and cities of An Giang, Kien Giang, Bac Lieu, Ca Mau, Can Tho, Hau Giang, Soc Trang in the phase of 2009-2015 and continue performming the cooperation program on tourism development between Ho Chi Minh city and Mekong Delta area in the period of 2016 – 2020. On 19 August, 2016, Department of Culture, Sports and Toursim of Ca Mau province met and worked with the delegation headed by Department of Tourism of Ho Chi Minh city, accompany with enterprises and travel agencies which operate on travel trade, press correspondents, television reporters.

At the meeting, Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, travel enterprises in Ca Mau have a chance to meet, exchange experiences and information on post-control work with its counterpart from Ho Chi Minh city and the provinces, cities in the Mekong Delta region. During two-day working and surveying tourist tours, tourism attractive destinations in Ca Mau, there are a large number of people concern and offer some suggestions  on buiding  strategies, policies in order to attract investment, producing special products which are suitable with the social needs and several methods which are supported with each other during the link process, coordinating tourism development in the future.

du-lich-cong-dong-10-ngot---khanh-vySurveying at Muoi Ngot community-based ecotourism – Photo: Khanh Vy

Cooperating on tourism development between Ho Chi Minh city with the provinces and cities in Mekong Delta zone is always a deep concern of the People Committee’s and a lot of citizens, travel enterprises taking part in as the proposal plans.

The main purpose and orientation for the period of 2016 -2020 is to enhance the exchanges for both sides of information, promote collaboration in raising the quality of government management on broadcast, tourism promotion, contribute and develop special tourism product, request for plan and investment, train and educate human resource…

doan-khao-sat-du-lich-cong-dong-tai-mui-ca-mau---khanh-vySurveying at Ca Mau cape community-based ecotourism – Photo: Khanh Vy

The links and cooperation in tourism development of Ca Mau from 2009 to 2015 has been achieved particular successes. In the stage of 2016-2020, Ca Mau will be much more favorable conditions for the promotion of tourism development in order boosting Ca Mau’s tourism to equivalent with what the nature has and its potential, step by step confirm Ca Mau tourism brand with the regional and international area.

Writer: Kim Chuyen

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