Ca Mau applies the Code of Conduct for Tourism civilization

To apply the Code of Conduct for Tourism civilization under the Decision No. 718/QD-BVHTTDL by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Ca Mau Province Committee promulgated Plan No. 50/KH-UBND on setting out the specific contents and solutions to organize the implementation of the Code of conduct for Tourism civilization in the province. The tourism civilization is a very important factor necessary to improve the tourism environment, thereby contributing to the sustainable tourism development, the quality and the competitiveness of the tourism industry nowsaday.

The implementation, propagation and dissemination plan of the Code of Conduct for tourism civilization is aimed at changing the awareness and attitudes of officers and civil servants in the tourism industry and related branches; organizations and individuals doing tourism business; tourists and local communities in tourism resorts and sites; Providing information and advice on what should do and what should not do during the tour to tourists and local people; building and improving the tourism civilization image of tourists, especially Vietnamese tourists; raising awareness and attitude towards welcoming tourists, thereby improving the professionalism, prestige, quality of tourism services in Vietnam in general and Ca Mau Province in particular.


Specifically, to apply the Civil Code of Conduct for tourism civilization, Ca Mau province has identified the need to implement the main contents: Require the whole industry to have civilized behavior in tourism activities; propagandize tourism civilization on the media; Integrate the tourism civilization contents into some tourism training programs, tourism training and retraining courses and new rural development programs.

The Code of Conduct is defined as a general guiding framework which the organizations, individuals and tourism enterprises may apply flexibly and design the propaganda materials, guidelines, regulations and implement subject to the conditions of each specific subject. With determination to actively change the image of tourism of Vietnam and the province, direct towards the civilization-friendliness and professionalism, contributing to improving the quality of tourism services as well as the image of civilized- self-respecting – responsible tourists, the Code of Conduct for tourism civilization should be effectively implemented in Ca Mau province, which will contribute to improving Ca Mau tourism quality significantly, creating the sustainable development momentum for tourism industry.

U minh ha

The Code of Conduct for tourism civilization was issued by Decision No. 718/QD-BVHTTDL by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on March 2, 2017. This Code of Conduct is standard regulations to guide behavior, attitude, habits, civilized behavior of organizations and individuals when participating in tourism activities. The code of conduct for tourism civilization is applied to groups: Vietnamese tourists (Inbound and outbound), foreigners traveling in Vietnam; Organizations and individuals engaged in tourism business activities (including organizations and individuals engaged in tourism business, travel enterpries, tour guides, accommodation establishments, transport units, restaurants, food and beverage shops, shops, sightseeing sites) and local people at the tourist destinations.

 Article and Photo: Thy Dieu

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