Ca Dua Ca Mau – The typical delicous food in Dat Mui

Ca Dua is a type of fish, having a scientific name which is called as Pangasius polyuranodon, is considered as one of the most famous and deliscous fish with sweet – smelling and nutritious, ranging a top of sea food in Ca Mau. The reason for calling “Ca Dua” is stemmed from its smelling during the time when we eat it, which is similar to smell of Pandanus leaf – a kind of ingredients for making a cake in the west. Ca Dua is a species of catfish in the family of basa fish, Pangasius catfish, and so on. In order to distinguish Ca Dua from the other one, we are able to look at the unique combination of the following characteristics carefully such as an elongated body with a moderate predorsal length, the end of the caudal with orange, fresh-white belly skin, adularescent spine, white meat, large eyes,… Ca Dua usually live in relatively deep waters in which is contiguous to Ca Mau sea, especially from August to December a large amount of Ca Dua fish move forward to be upstream in the trend to the river mouth for searching food.

Interesting activities with Ca Dua fishing at Ca Mau – Photo: collected

According to the experts in the field of fishing they shared their experiences that if someone who want to catch Ca Dua, they must have to find some special baits such cockroaches, aquatic insects or earth-worms in combination with fish-hook sharply. By this way, Ca Dua fish can be caught in a trap and rised to the bait. Excepting for these conditions above, Fisher should pay attention on the stream – flow of river which is weak or strong in Interesting order us to attach a heavy-lead or a light-lead. Ca Dua usually appears at a deep-water zone, goes with pairs or groups. Due to their feeding habits, fishers or visitors easily catch a lots Ca Dua once Ca Dua rasing to the bait. Sometimes, fishermen can catch a large amount of Ca Dua fish, approximately ten of kilograms, harvested from 01 or 02 days in the crops at the time when Ca Dua appears a lot or in the case of “Sink or Swim”. Nowadays, Ca Dua fishing activities become more and more popular and fun for traveller who would like to take a rest and relax after hard-working day and/or weekend with their friend and families and make it become one of the most attracted tourism activities in Ca Mau Cape. Following fishermen’s feet, traveller will be able to have an experience, penetrate deep into a wild nature in order to get an unforgetable time for Ca Dua fishing.


Dried Ca Dua – Ca Mau. Sources:

Generally, Ca Dua can be found every year in Ca Mau, especially on the fishing season traveller or tourist can be satisfied with varieties delicious food fish and are considerd quite good eating by the natives where they are harvested from Ca Dua such: fished with sauce, sweet and sour fish broth with tamarind-leaf or three-leaf cayratia, fried with chili and citronella… in addition to this, Ca Dua  can be dried with some kinds of spices, a little bit salty, a small fatty substance in combination with the faint aroma of Ca Dua fish which makes it truly delicious and attractive. A dried Ca Dua can be processed dozens of delicious food like fried, served with tamarind fish source or fried with venigar source and so on which is indispensable to local citizens during the daily meals. Only Ca Dua lives in fresh water, and so their meats have a sweet taste like smelling of Pandanus leaf  and contain lots of nutrions  such Omega 3, natural fat keeping people’s health safety and providing a highly nutrition value.

Just coming to Ca Mau for the first time, enjoying some of special foods which is processed from Ca Dua with its sweet-flavor, travellers or visitors will be forgettable for leaving the praise of “the skillful arrange of the Creator has been awarded a precious fish and a highly value for Ca Mau’s nature. With high nutritional value and particular taste makes Ca Dua attract attention for both local people and tourist from the whole country and around the world every year. Finishing their tours, they are unforgettable for choosing and buying Dried Ca Dua as a gift for their families and/or friends whenever they come to Ca Mau.

Writer: Kym Chuyen


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