Bring Ca Mau image to international friends

(CMO) in the first 6 months, there were more than 633,000 visitors to Ca Mau, 102.5% higher than that in the same period of the last year. In particular, there are more than 12,000 international visitors, 114.34% higher than that in the same period. It can be seen Ca Mau tourism is slowly positioning its brand on the tourism map of Vietnam and the world.

Active tourism promotion and advertisment is considered as an important factor contributing to the tourism development of the province.

Multichannel promotion

The Director of Ca Mau Province Tourism Information and Promotion Center, Le Van Dung, said that in the context of integration, the center constantly strived to bring Ca Mau image to domestic and international friends in many ways and through media channels, namely: taking initiative in linking its website to the General Department of Tourism, the Department of Culture – Sports and Tourism, the Trade, Tourism and Investment Pronmotion Centers and the Tourism Promotion Center of the provinces and cities, at the same time, well implementing  the information, support and promotion of Ca Mau tourism.

Ca Mau Tourism participated in Vietnam International Travel Mart – VITM Hanoi 2017. Photo: THY DIEU

The center regularly surveys and updates information about tourism areas, routes and sites, tourist products, tourist attractions, tourism and travel agencies, tourism related activities, etc to enhance compilation of articles and introduction images of Ca Mau tourism on its website: and in Vietnamese and English with 99,217 visits in total (English interface: 18,459 visits).

To date, Ca Mau tourism brand has appeared in many events, fairs, festivals, exhibitions, economic forums domestically and internationally, including on films, reportages, television reports made by the provinces and cities at home and abroad.

In addition, the center also updated the new information, completed the re-publication and publication of tourism books such as Ca Mau Cuisine Book (1,000 books), Vietnam-Ca Mau tourism guidebook (1,000 books), Vietnam – Ca Mau tourism map (2,500 copies) and Ca Mau tourism guidebook (1,500 books).

“Tourism publications, in addition to being provided for travel agencies, exhibitions, fairs, events, media agencies, international mission groups of Ca Mau, are introduced to the Universities, colleges, vocational colleges with tourism training program because they are the “tourism ambassadors” in the future who will contribute to bringing the image of Ca Mau to go further,” Mr. Le Van Dung said.

Direction to potentialities

“Although Ca Mau tourism was evaluated to have numerous potentialies to attract investment and sustainable tourism development; the tourism promotion program of the province was promulgated late, leading to the center’s failure to take initiative in consulting the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism to implement its contents” said Mr. Le Van Dung.

Besides, tourism information and promotion have many changes but has not spreaded, the resources of businesses are limited in building and promoting brands and tourism products. The brand promotion has not been paid attention. Participation in exhibitions, fairs, exhibitions is slowly innovated. The construction of new tourism products has changed but limited compared to potentialies and strength.

Even so, the center enlisted all resources to create the Ca Mau tourism brand in the heart of every visitor. At present, the number of visitors staying overnight to experience the tourism products gradually increases, especially Dat Mui community tourism area and Muoi Ngot ecotourism area. Visitors left and some came back with the new ones. This is a good sign of the tourism industry because it it has “retained”’ visitors and found a sustainable path for tourism of the province.

Mr. Le Van Dung said, people have understood the tourism business way and still retain themselves to create “What tourist likes but not what they like.”

In 2017, Ca Mau aims to receive 1,240,000 visitors, including 25,000 international visitors with total revenue of 670 billion dong. To achieve this goal, Ca Mau tourism needs to pay more attention to all levels, functional branches as well as the support of tourism enterprises./.

Bang Thanh

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