Boosting the linked development of tourism between Ca Mau and Ben Tre

On two days, from 17 to 18 November, 2016, Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Ca Mau Province Tourism Promotion and Information Center and enterprises relating with tourism field oragnize to welcome and work with Ben Tre province tourism enterprises’s survey group.

Ben Tre Province Tourism Promotion and Information Center and a delegation of Ben Tre province including 12 enterprises in tourism area at Ben Tre province: Ham Luong Tourist Limited Liability Company, South Mekong tourism company, Lan Vuong tourist area, Cai Cam ecotourism, My An resort, Viet Uc Hotel, Con Phung Trading – Services – Tourist Limited Liability Company, Lap Group, Bao Duyen Ecotourism CO., LTD, Phu An Khang Trading – Services Limited Liability Company, the tourism management zone of the vestige of Ho Chi Minh road on the sea at Ben Tre province, Intermediate school of Culture and Artistic in Ben Tre provine visitting Ca Mau for working and experience all of the special tourism products of Ca Mau province. The delegation had been surveyed the routing tour Ca Mau city – Nam Can province – Low U Minh forest National Garden – Ecotourism Spot belonging to Muoi Ngot Community.

At Mui Ca Mau culture – tourism park, the delegation have worked with Dat Mui tourist management zone and several Ecotourism Spots belonging to citizens community at Ca Mau cape National Garden.

cà mau liên kết phát triển du lịch với tỉnh bến tre

A memory of the delegation at Ca Mau cape

From the tour at tourism spots, the delegation’s members, working at Ca Mau Province Tourism Promotion and Information Center, inform about the specific and strengthen points, the potential tourism of the province covering with two ecosystems: salt water and fresh water. Ca Mau cape National Garden and Low U Minh forest National Garden containing lots of precious biological values which are ranked as Global Biosphere Reserve, World Ramsar, together with a special alluvial ground in which is borderd on one side by East Sea and the other side by West Sea is quite interesting, expecially its important strategic position – the southern tip of Viet Nam on the Mekong Delta’s and nation’s map which make it become more and more interest of businessmans and enterprises.

Ca Mau Province Tourism Promotion and Information Center acts as the role of an advisor for Director of Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism carrying out several actions on informational dissemination and promotional tourism in the province; oragnize to implement some stratagies, programs, promote plans and broadcast tourism information according to the approved plans; Linking and supporting the cooperation between local governments in the whole country and around the word on the fields of promotional activities, tourism investments, and market developments; combining on the development of tourism products for both domestic and international cooperation programs in the field of tourism.

On the occasion of visiting Ca Mau, The two leaders of Tourism Promotion and Information Center said, strongly confirming the important role of making a tie relationship and cooperation between enterprises working in the field of travel trade at Ben Tre and Ca Mau province. Throuhgout this survey, the delegation of Ben Tre province have a real overview of a potential and strong point relating to tourism products of Ca Mau province in order to help them give out action planning and product development with the primary aim of  this is to meet a partly demand of a varied visitors or travellers who come from the country and around the world. This is a good opportunity for tourism enterprises between two cities getting in touch with each other, increasing exchanges and promoting several actions in the direction of connecting the main focus of tourism products and tours between Ben Tre and Ca Mau province.


The delegation visiting Muoi Ngot Community – Based Ecotourism Area

On this meeting, representatives of Tourism Promotion and Information Center of two cities have a chance of working, exchanging, and sharing their experiences on tourism promotion, inter-connection travel tour in the trend of creating special and typical tourism products of each city. Regarding to tourism information and announcement on the production of tourist from two tourist attraction destinations, Ben Tre and Ca Mau province in special and the whole Mekong Delta in general. In fact, it is one of strategic solutions which boost the development of tourist in Mekong Delta, mentioning on many conferences relating to tourism field from the past few recent years. As director representative of Tourism Promotion and Information Center of the cities, they decided opening the routing tour from Ben Tre – Tra Vinh – Soc Trang –Bac Lieu –Ca Mau and vice versa for the first successful step, fully promising a tourist attraction destination for both local and international travellers.

In 2015, Mekong Delta receive over 25 millions travellers from local and international visistors, an increase of nearly 19,4 percent in comparison with the other one in 2014. Earning from the tourist in 2015 achieve over 8.600 billions VND, growing up to 30% compared with the same period last year. As Mr.Ha Van Sieu – Deputy Director General of Tourism told, Mekong Delta have much more potential tourism than that of other areas in the whole country, but operating and making the most of its potential is generally limited. He stressed that it is necessary for the local government finding out an effectively methods and strategies in order to develop tourism in Mekong Delta. Second and more importantly, he underlined that the locals need to concentrate on special tourism products development which makes Mekong Delta become one of the most attraction destination with lots of other differences and varieties. Last but not least, cooperations and links between the locals in Mekong Delta, especially Ben Tre and Ca Mau province, make a vital role for boosting the development in the field of tourism.

Writer: Thy Dieu

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