An inspectation of scientific research on tourism quality in Ca Mau province

On May 24th 2016, Ca Mau Department of Scienceand Technology organized Scientific Conference in order to check and take over scientific research topic in the field of tourism quality. The main theme of the topic is to investigate the key effects on tourism quality in Ca Mau province. At the conference, the inspectation council highly appreciated research results and its applications.

The theme is implemented within nearly three years, starting on October 2012, finishing on August 2015, and carried out by Research Group coming from the universities of Ho Chi Minh city and that of Ca Mau province coordinating each other under the supervisor of Department of Science and Technology. The main purpose of this research is to determine some of the key effects on tourism quality in Ca Mau province and attract tourists and travellers for visiting Ca Mau’s tourism destinations. In addition, throughout the survey, tourism managers will exactly evaluate the fact of tourism service quality and propose some solotions in order to enhance tourism service quality at Ca Mau province.

NGHIÊM-THU-Ð--TÀI-NGHIÊN-C-U-KHOA-H-C-C-P-T-NH-V--DU-L-CH-CÀ-MAUOverview a conference of the inspectation council

This is one of the scientific research topics which is ranked at the provincial level with applying scientific research theory of the world into current situation of Ca Mau province’s tourism services. Using service quality model which is abbreviated as SERVQUAL is a management model with five factors including trusts, satisfiable abilities, guarantees, sympathies and visional factors. Research group started to survey and collect information over 4 groups of objection consisting of Vietnamese’s tourists, foreigner’s travellers, tourism managers and employees who are working at tourism destinations. A result demonstrated that Ca Mau has great potential of tourism resources, but its quality still remains limit and needs to overcome in order to foster the current strengthen and boost tourism area approaching in the trend of professional and sustainable development.

Apart from determining five key factors which impact on tourism service quality at Ca Mau province, scientists have been revealed and deployed the service quality model at four tourism detinations of the province. A model has two trainable contents for both building a business plan or strategy for tourism managers and training a technical sale for employees who are working at tourism destinations. Amazing result can be shown that tourism service quality improved dramatically after using a training model.

Research group also investigated, analyzed and pointed out some reasons which cause the limitations of tourism service quality of the province and proposed some solutions in order to solve the problem above for tourism destinations, the province, agencies and local governemts. A lot of solutions can be listed as management work, improvement in the visional factors, ability on the demand of sympathy and brand construction, communication broadcast about Ca Mau tourism. On the other hand, solutions for the province and the local management departments also approved as priority policy for tourism development, investment in infrastructure, funding assistance, tour – route linking plan, building manageable criterions, quality standard, sale prices, list of the step of checking and supervising the process of tourism service quality management at tourism destinations.

This research is highly appreciated by the inspectation council for both theory base, model and research methodology and its appication as well. This is one of a large-scale scientific research topics, opening a scientific theory base, a very good result with its applications in real life. We are able to deploy in implementation in the field of tourism quality train, its high applicable ability, creating favourable conditions to boost faster and more sustainable Ca Mau’s tourism development as well.

Writer and Photo: Thy Dieu

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