Advertisment and promotion contributes to Ca Mau tourism’s development

With the attention of Ca Mau Province People’s Committee, the effective direction of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism; the advertisment and promotion of Ca Mau tourism in 2017 is accelerated with many diverse and effective activities, thereby well completing the plan on implementing tourism promotion program of the year, contributing to the success of the provincial tourism.

In 2017, Ca Mau Tourism has implemented the promotion program of the year. Many activities have been implemented such as tourism demand stimulation promotion at the events of the industry such as Viet Nam International Travel Mart-(VITM) Ha Noi 2017, International Travel Expo-Ho Chi Minh City 2017 (ITE HCMC),  the 2nd Ben Tre Culture and Tourism Week 2017, etc. Through the events, the Ca Mau tourism destination image is widely introduced to tourists, investors and partners domestically and internationally. It is an important base for Ca Mau tourism to reach many key markets, opening up cooperation opportunities for for tourism and travel agencies.

Quảng bá xúc tiến góp phần tạo sức bật cho du lịch Cà Mau  anh 1

Participation in the event is a great opportunity to promote the image of Ca Mau tourism. Photo: Thy Dieu.

The printing and re-publication of tourism publications are effectively maintained. Over 13,000 publications including: folding books, maps, guidebooks, film discs, postcards, etc have been implementing with diverse contents and beautiful images suitable for different service subjects. Information and publications are provided for the work groups visiting and working in Ca Mau as well as provincial delegations to other provinces at home and abroad. The large advertising panels and tourism maps located in the airports and the important traffic points widely promote the image of Ca Mau tourism to the masses.

Quảng bá xúc tiến góp phần tạo sức bật cho du lịch Cà Mau  anh 2

In addition, the promotion and information on the electronic channels are standardized. Ca Mau tourism website and in English – Vietnamese are maintained effectively. 34 websites of tourism associations, tourism promotion centers in provinces and cities are actively linked. The articles and photos of Ca Mau tourism attracted 222,712 visits, of which English interface is 38,697 visits.

Apart from the contents of the promotion program implementation plan, many other promotion and support activities have been implemented in line with the actual situation of the locality and the development trend of the industry. New information and tourism promotion activities are implemented creatively and efficiently, sticking to the development conditions of the industry; enriching the advertisement contents and forms, contributing to the recognition of Ca Mau tourism image and attracting tourists to Ca Mau.

Ca Mau Tourism Booth at ITE HCMC 2017 – a meeting place of tourism businesses inside and outside the province. Photo: Ca Mau Province Promotion and Information Center.

These efforts have contributed to making Ca Mau tourism industry achieve important results. In 2017, Ca Mau received d about 1,240,000 visitors, reaching 105.08% of the plan (1,180,000 arrivals) and 11.3% higher than that in 2016. In particular, domestic visitors reached 1,215,000, reaching 105.61% compared to the year plan, 11.15% higher than that in 2016. The revenue is estimated about 670 billion dong, 35.86% higher than that in 2016.

Quảng bá xúc tiến góp phần tạo sức bật cho du lịch Cà Mau anh 3Advertisment and promotion to enhance Ca Mau tourism development. Photo: Thy Dieu

In 2018, the goal for the industry is receiving 1,440,000 visitors, of which domestic visitors are about 1,413,400. Tourism revenue is about 920 billion dong. This goal require the efforts of the entire industry, focusing on promoting state management of tourism, product diversification, investment in material facilities and techniques, tourism infrastructure and relevant service development, especially tourism propaganda, advertisement and promotion./.

2017 is a strategic significance year for the socio-economic development of Ca Mau province and the basic year for implementing the Resolution of the 15th Party Congress and the five-year socio-economic development plan of Ca Mau province in the 2016-2020 period. The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has strengthened to give the advice on developing sustainable tourism and focusing on tourism advertisement and promotion to the province People’s Committee.

 By: Thy Dieu

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